treat their staff well, pay their taxes and don't track their users.

They're the most ethical way of buying physical books, they have selections curated by human beings, and if they don't have a book they can order it in (often within 24 hours).

You can find your local bookshops here:






@switchingsocial The only bookshop listed near Aberdeen, Scotland is part of a chain, not an independent bookshop. :flan_sad:

I know there are book shops around, but the UK list doesn't have them.


Thanks for the headsup.

I'd say a local bookshop is still better than Amazon though, even if it is part of a chain? Working conditions in bookshops are much better than in Amazon warehouses.

@switchingsocial Oh yes, but the one listed is known to be expensive and it does well anyway by being on a university campus and stocking all the required textbooks. I'd rather support a bookshop that also cared about building community and making books accessible.


Oh no! 😕

Sorry to hear the website couldn't help, hopefully you will find a better alternative locally.

@switchingsocial At least in Germany many bookshops (even smaller ones) give the possibility to order books they don't have in stock (sometimes that's possible via their website). It's probably as fast as ordering online. So for books I always prefer the local bookshop.


I can only speak from personal experience, but I've literally had my life saved by tax-funded emergency medical treatment. I owe my life to everyone who pays their taxes.

@switchingsocial Australian site seems to have bad SSL, that's a real shame. Curious whether they list the more chain-type stores or the one-off independent ones

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