Best way to move instances on :

On your OLD account:

1. Export your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Data Export, then download the CSV files (you do NOT need to request an archive to do this!)

2. Set your old account to redirect to the new one: go to Settings, then Edit Profile, then "Move To A Different Account" (at bottom of screen)

On your NEW account:

3. Upload your follows, mutes and blocks: go to Settings, then Import, then upload the CSV files

@switchingsocial what would happend with the followers? are they going to move to the new account?


No, not automatically.

However, when they see you following them from the new account plus the redirect on the old one, they would know you had moved accounts and could follow you at the new one.

@switchingsocial Thanx for the info.
What if someone mentions your old account or sends a DM, do they receive a notification about the account being moved or something ?


@nicod_ @rbonifaz

Good question... Does anyone have an old account we can try this with? :blobthinking:

@switchingsocial @nicod_ @rbonifaz I don't think it does, might be a nice feature to have though. You can test it with @f0x

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