Want to use a link shortener on ?

Don't! :blobsurprised: All links in Mastodon posts count for 23 characters, no matter how long they really are.

(via @jond )

@InspectorCaracal @highfellow @switchingsocial @jond max length is a tricky beast. Thr web standards do not define it, so it is left to implementors.
Some browsers take up to around 4000 characters, some even more, but for wide-spread support, you should stay within two-toots-worth (around 1000 characters).
Now, how would mastodon deal with them? Dunno, it might be worth a look into which url parsing library they use and find out.

@thoughtcrime @switchingsocial @jond

mine's Discordian, so by definition it is magic *and* not magic

and also not real

(yes, you heard it here first, 23 is NOT a real number)


@switchingsocial @nuron https://thatIsVeryGoodToKnowForWhenYouWantToBustThe500CharacterLimit.haha

@alex @switchingsocial @nuron not recognized as link tough, so your cheat did not work…

@JordiGH @switchingsocial @jond

Now I'm trying to figure out the technical reason behind copying Twitter on that

@r000t @switchingsocial @jond No real technical reason, I imagine. Some default number had to be chosen and there was already a "standard" so might as well follow it.

@switchingsocial @jond hm why don't they count for 0? If I have a very short url, like, it if fact take more characters than the original URL...

True,but this also depends on your client supporting it.
#mastalab does not seem to know about this and does not allow you to toot in these classes.


In fact, it's false. Mastalab doesn't limit chars. So even if it counts all chars for a link, the real value will be used. Also, you have an option to automatically split your toots.

Not my experience, but I'll check again.
Thanks for clarifying :)


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