If you want to run your own instance but don't want to do techie stuff, you can get fully managed hosting from Masto.Host:

They're also on Mastodon at:


You control your instance, they do the behind-the-scenes technical maintenance.

@switchingsocial @mastohost Although I value how you try to spread the use of mastodon, doesn't seem in any way a decentralized system.
It goes against the decentralization principle of mastodon.
Not saying is bad, just saying it doesn't help diversity a lot, rather it centralizes a bunch of mastodon instances into one host.

@yimo @mastohost

In an ideal world, everyone would have their own server at home which they personally maintain. Unfortunately most people (myself included) cannot do this.

It is ok to use hosting companies if you aren't able to do the tech maintenance of running your own server. It makes the network accessible to non-technical people.

I agree it's not good to have everything on one company's servers, but that would be solved by having more hosting companies offering Mastodon.

@yimo it’s a valid point. Although in my opinion if you can move in and out of then you are not centralized.

The ownership of the data is always of the instance admin and only the admin controls the instance rules and all other instance related decision. The admin has full power and not me (

There’s a centralization of hosting infrastructure but that is also true for MailGun (that is used by the majority of self-hosted instances)


@mastohost @yimo @switchingsocial Still decentralized in terms of not owned and operated by a single for-profit company. Regarding hosting and related services, many, many folks are gonna, at one point, be using DigitalOcean, or OVH, and Amazon, and Cloudflare and the likes, and they're probably better off that way—and safer!

@janboddez @mastohost @switchingsocial My view changed when I realized you can get your server's data in and out of Indeed that helps decentralization.

As for server hosting companies like DigitalOcean and the like, I don't oppose them, but I still believe you're better off having the server self-hosted. Probably not a budget choice for a lot, including me. But if you can I think it's a big relief.

This discussion is interesting

@LPS Did you ever try that? I have seen that before but the page doesn't say much. Like how many resources are there available? CPU/RAM disk space, what are the limits?

@exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981

@mastohost @exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981 no actually I haven't, I have a nextcloud instance with them and I'm very happy with it. It might be a good question to ask them directly though

@mastohost @exu1981 @switchingsocial @lsmith1981 From my experience they are very accommodating, I was even able to test for over 2 weeks before I committed.

@switchingsocial Which definitely is a good thing and a valuable service, but it also should make you aware that using digital services always is a "trust" thing. It's not just technology - it's always about someone else doing the "behind-the-scenes technical stuff" so you don't have to. 😉


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