If you're currently using , you are helping Google spy on your own site's visitors.

To protect your visitors' privacy, try switching to an independent free open source alternative like :

The self-hosted version is FLOSS and (of course) free of charge, while the managed hosting version is a paid account.

It's GDPR compliant and by default respects "Do Not Track".

You can also follow the developers on here:


@switchingsocial @Matomo I’m using them on a few of my sites (self hosted version). Works very well.

@switchingsocial @Matomo You can also stop to put a way to spy visitors. Using Matomo does not protect privacy, it just changes the spy, even if he is less intrusive and big. Alternative to problem is erasing it, not to reduce it on details.

@nspanti @Matomo

In an ideal world no one would record visitor details at all (by the way, has no analytics or visitor data of any kind).

In the real world, businesses and organisations are under huge pressure to record numbers and statistics for how their sites are used.

Even non-profits like charities are forced to produce statistics so they can apply for funding.

If it's a choice between Google Analytics and Matomo, Matomo is probably the more privacy-friendly option.

@switchingsocial @Matomo Matomo is by no way privacy friendly, its existence is based on privacy violation. It is less worse than Google, I am ok with that. However it is false to describe it as "[a way] to protect your visitors' privacy" or "privacy-friendly".

@switchingsocial @Matomo "Even non-profits like charities are forced to produce statistics so they can apply for funding." Does La Quadrature Du Net does this ? No. Does Free Software Foundation does this ? No. Does April does it ? No. Organizations are pushed by some physical and moral persons to spy, but there are not forced. Moreover you can fortunately produce statistics without mass-surveillance. This is a bad excuse, and that is a shame that for example Mélenchon and CNT-F use GAnalytics.

@nspanti @switchingsocial @Matomo Still it is worth a lot to have an alternative to centralized analytics. Centralized analytics are problematic because they are used all over the web which allows the analytic provider to track people through their whole digital life. Self-hosted analytics sounds way less intrusive.
I agree: I would prefer to be not tracked at all. But such a radical change cannot be expected of most companies. Therefore I think matomo-like solutions are an improvement.

@nspanti @Matomo

Not all charities are in the same situation.

I work with charities IRL and the groups/people/departments they have to ask for money from demand statistics to prove that they are doing an effective job. If one charity doesn't give them, another charity gets the money.

If a charity doesn't get money, they have to reduce their activities.

If forced to choose between gathering stats or cutting services, what would you do?

@switchingsocial @Matomo @dgold I don't want mass-surveillance and there are other ways to get things done (that can be done by getting money through an alternative way, do it yourself, etc.), so I would personally refuse. If I would promote to go forward for one goal and go backward for an other goal, I would be inconsistent for my "whole society goal".

@switchingsocial To everyone mentioning that no analytics is better than using Matomo, I want to bring an example why although you are technically right, I still think there is a very good reason to use Matomo (and that's why I am working on it):

Compare with (Austrian and German Train companies). One would expect the sites to be similar, but the former doesn't include any third-party requests and only uses a Matomo instance hosted on ÖBB servers. The latter includes at least seven different third-party domains that my adblocker blocks. (Same is valid for their apps)
While both are tracking me, I prefer ÖBB as everyone who gets the data has to follow all privacy laws I can influence.

One thing I learned is that there are always better/more private/more open alternatives, but just because one hasn't reached the perfect solution doesn't mean that getting closer to it isn't an improvement. LineageOS uses GA, but I am still glad for their amazing work. My phone requires binary blobs to work, but is still more "free" than most other alternatives.

And I think this is what @switchingsocial is all about after all, finding alternatives that are better, not ones that are perfect. (And sometimes the ones that seem perfect aren't that useable for non-technical users and are therefore not as perfect as they seem for the general population)

@switchingsocial Sorry for rambling a bit, but this is something I wanted to get out. 🙂


It is, that's why has no analytics.

@switchingsocial @aemon

What is nicer with #Matomo, is that they give the option to respect the browsers "Do not track" option, which GA definitely does not...

@switchingsocial @Matomo Also a daily reminder not to use google fonts, as they are used to track users in a discreet way.
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