is a free open alternative to Google Drive, DropBox and other storage services.

Their official site:

You can follow them on here:


The easiest way to use it is to make an account on an existing NextCloud instance, such as:

Alternatively, if you run your own server you can install it yourself.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud Don't forget that it's also an alternative to Google docs by installing the Libre Office Online plugin!

@aran @nextcloud

Yes indeed, there's a nice range of addons for Nextcloud including a Skype-style video chat service and all kinds of other stuff:

@switchingsocial @nextcloud in this video + guide(Spanish) I explain how to configure ·#Nextcloud as a @torproject onion service so that you can sync your files in an autonomous way with a computer in your house (raspberri pi for instance). Pretty cool, secure and without the need of a public IP :)

@switchingsocial @nextcloud Out of all the possible services it makes sense to self-host, Nextcloud is probably the easiest.

@switchingsocial Nextcloud always had problems with synchronization for me (at least some time ago).

I‘m using Seafile, which is working flawlessly for me since some years. You might check it out and maybe add it to the list.

@switchingsocial @nextcloud : just finished to set up my local instance of NextCloud on a Raspberry Pi 3.

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