is a user-created detailed map of the entire world:

Like Wikipedia anyone can use or edit it, and the content is free and open. There are no ads or trackers either.

For apps, we would recommend OsmAnd for Android/iOS:

(OsmAnd is also available on @fdroidorg )

There's an English-speaking OSM community at who run a mirror of the OSM twitter at @openstreetmap

@vanecx @switchingsocial And a whole Mastodon instance on:

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @openstreetmap My favorite is Maps, which is available at @fdroidorg - better interface than OsmAnd, IMO.

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @openstreetmap

Thanks for that reminder. I've wanted to put that on my phone for ages. Don't need maps often, but it will be nice NOT to rely on #google privacy sucking software to have them!

I've tried it but it's just not there yet. I suspect Google maps will be one the last things I will drop from Google.
@fdroidorg @openstreetmap

@sproid @fdroidorg @openstreetmap

The quality of map services can depend a lot on where you live or travel, so if someone's interested it's probably worth at least trying out :blobsmile:

@switchingsocial @sproid @fdroidorg @openstreetmap As rendered by , in London UK it seems to be full of random links to I am not aware that I have configured it to show hotels

@telent @sproid @fdroidorg @openstreetmap

I don't recommend

It was bought several years ago by Russian tech giant who filled it with advertising and lots of user tracking.

(There is a better version on f-droid called something generic like "maps" which has the tracking stuff stripped out.)

@switchingsocial @sproid @fdroidorg @openstreetmap ah, thanks. I *think* that's actually what I've got - either it came from fdroid or was bundled with the omni rom. The icon is just a simple uppercase M

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