is an ActivityPub-compatible social network which is sort of like the Swiss army knife of the Fediverse.

It has lots of optional extra features including wikis, file storage, blogs, photo albums, calendars etc.

You can find out more at the official site:

You can follow the lead developer here:

(The same developer was also behind Friendica and Hubzilla, incidentally.)

Apologies everyone and thanks to everyone who pointed this out.

Mike MacGirvin has apparently deleted the account above and is now on a "zap" account which (as far as I can tell) is inaccessible from the Fediverse :blobfrown:

@switchingsocial @mike This look interesting. May have to whip up an instance tonight and give it a play. :fediverse: 😋

@switchingsocial @mike se ve muy interesante, lo pruebo y cuento por aquí como va...

@switchingsocial @mike It doesn't seem like Mike is still active on this account...? His last message is rather cryptic and opening redirects to meanwhile opening the mention on the post in a new tab doesn't load (on my side at least). 😕🤔


How strange... :blobthinking:

He was on here a fair amount promoting Osada at one point, I thought he would appreciate having some follows?

@switchingsocial @mike Yeah, I remember him popping up whenever some interesting threads about AP would come up and also promoting the nomadic identity feature of the zot protocol.

@switchingsocial @mike
Have a look @fitheach
You were asking for something similar the other day I think.

Thanks for the thought.
Osada is a hugely powerful social media platform, and provides way more than my simple requirement. I was expressing an interest something that has the photo handling abilities of Flickr, but with AP style comments. Pixelfed is more like Instagram, I think.

@switchingsocial @mike

@switchingsocial @mike

I'm confused if this is a fediverse "client" or a totally new fediverse server in of itself,
afaik Zot/osada was part of either Hubzilla or Friendica/Diaspora.

@PresGas @switchingsocial Nice write-up! How's keybase? Any pros/cons worth mentioning? I've looked into it in the past, but never made an account. Do you know of a good ELI5 of it, or a similar article like the one you did on zot?

@andycuccaro @switchingsocial I think that keybase is great! However, still one company. They are more on the right path than just about any.

They are still a silo and not decentralized. I see vectors for them going more decentralized and can see them opening up their server side code if the company itself went out of business. They are good folk...learning from the mistakes of big capitalist IT.

...we will see. As of now, I like them a good deal and am hopeful.

@switchingsocial @mike thanks for posting, this sounds like a great alternative for self hosting :)

I read that Osada is discontinued by Mike in favor of Zap. As far as I read it is because of Activity-Pub's "ignorance" of privacy...
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