is a free open alternative to YouTube:

It's federated through ActivityPub, so you can follow PeerTube channels on Fediverse sites like Mastodon etc.

It uses peer-to-peer technology so even viral videos won't bring an instance down. The more people watch, the more bandwidth they contribute.

There are several apps:

- ( ), also works with Mastodon

-, on and Play

-, under development at @p2play

I want so badly to support #PeerTube, but when I tried to share it with someone at work as an alternative, the instance they happened to click on was nearly 60% porn, which generally is whatever and was mostly CW'd, but it was all on the front page, which does not give a good first impression to newbies... I know the freedom of the #Fediverse is its main appeal, but I feel like I can't share the Fediverse with anyone outside of it most of the time because of it!

@Alamantus @switchingsocial there are more closed instances that dont have any porn on them. maybe send a link to one of them or to the main joinpeertube page.


It's a good point @Alamantus , that's the most off-putting thing about Peertube for me too :blobfrown:

However, like @wakest says there are huge differences between instances. Each instance maintainer chooses which other instances to federate with, so their selection of videos can be very different.

I guess the PeerTube people could be more careful about which instances they list on ( @Chocobozzz , is there some way to give feedback about this?)

@wakest @switchingsocial
I'm pretty sure they got to the PT instance in question via the joinpeertube page (or maybe one of the federation list pages, I don't remember), and I feel like sending them to a specific one wouldn't show what makes it special, ie "this is just a knockoff Youtube, why would I use this instead"

I don't have a better solution than what you suggest, I'm just a little bummed that I can't invite more people easily.

@Alamantus @wakest

Just having a look at PT's faq, they claim only 1% of uploaded videos are NSFW.

I guess it might be that those particular ones are watched more, and end up on the "trending" page that is shown by default when you visit an instance? That would make it seem like there are more than than there really are?

Maybe there should be a "safe search" style browsing mode which you have to actively switch off to see NSFW material?

@switchingsocial @wakest I feel like even just that kind of switch would be helpful to have. Even just for regular users who already understand it, I'd love to be able to choose if/when I see nsfw stuff, ie when I'm at work lol

@Alamantus @wakest

Could someone who uses Github post this as an issue on the git?

It would be great if NSFW content was completely hidden by default, and had to be actively switched on in some way (similar to automatic safesearch on search engines).

NSFW content alienates potential new users, showing it by default (even blurred) puts people off sharing the site with others.

@switchingsocial @Chocobozzz @wakest @Alamantus

That is an option for site administrators under administration > configuration > policy on videos containing sensitive content

3 options: Do Not List, Blur thumnails or Display

The same 3 options are available under a users account settings.

@jk @wakest @Chocobozzz @Alamantus

Thanks for that, interesting!

Maybe could give prominence to instances with Do Not List switched on?

@switchingsocial @Alamantus @wakest I think that is also because some of the porn instances dont mark their content as nsfw in the first place.

Shameless self-promo, there is no untagged porn on my instance,

@switchingsocial @tom79 @p2play

the thing that worries me about peertube and bitchute is that other users can see your IP address when you watch the same video as them

@rain @switchingsocial @tom79 @p2play You can disable that in the Peertube settings (if you have an account).

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