is an alternative interface for Mastodon.

You can try it out by signing in with your existing Mastodon account at:

You can also follow the developer at:


@switchingsocial I'm trying it out because Pinafore is my favorite G&S work too. 😁

@switchingsocial We are sober men and true, and attentive to our duty. β›΅ 🌊

@switchingsocial YM "Hail, men o' war's men, safeguards of our nation!" 😁 😁 😁


There is twitter like interface for mastodon but i couldn't find it πŸ€”

Can You help in this?

Very good. Exactly what I've always wanted Mastodon to look like.

@DonMcCollough @pinafore

I wish single column was a standard option on Mastodon, it would make life easier for newcomers.

@VikingKong @switchingsocial @pinafore
Be sure to use the Stylus add-on/extension for your browser (firefox/chrome) and not the Stylish extension. Stylish was in hot water regarding privacy issues and does not seem to work that well anymore, but Stylus works great

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