If you enjoy using and would like to support the site, please consider buying "The Switching Social Handbook":

It's short, but it's designed mainly to complement the website rather than duplicate it. It discusses the challenges to privacy and looks at the alternatives on offer.

It's a DRM-free ePub file, which should work on most major eBook readers.

(Let me know about any problems or feedback!)

@switchingsocial Nice! Will grab a copy, thanks for everything you do ♥️

@switchingsocial While I don’t have a real need for it right now, would you ever think about a physical copy? I was thinking how it’d make a good physical gift. I’d send a copy to all my family members for Christmas, or something.


Yes, I have been looking into this, especially as so many non-technical people don't have access to ereaders.

The main barrier is the economics for print-on-demand short books, they can be a bit expensive. But will see what I can do.

@switchingsocial So... you can sign in to buy the book with Google, Facebook, or, for the privacy conscious, Walmart?


You don't need to sign in with any of those.

There should be an option to sign in with Rakuten Kobo (i.e. the bookshop itself).

I was going to go with a more indie site, but they all seemed to demand PayPal (which I don't have) with no alternatives. Kobo was the least-worst option.


I'm sorry about the American version of Kobo, I didn't know they promoted big tech signins like that 😟

Kobo's login page outside the US has the Kobo login front and centre with other options less visible.

@switchingsocial Not sure what everyone else is smoking, but the US has the same exact login page


How weird... :blobsurprised:

Someone on Twitter said they got a Walmart page too, maybe it's just in particular states? Or maybe they've just stopped doing it?

Anyway, thanks for the info! :blobsmile:

@switchingsocial I just got a kobo so thank you so much for putting it in epub, but for anyone using a Kindle, you have to convert to .mobi first, either by sending it to Kindle marked as an image file or by using software like Calibre

@switchingsocial bought a copy. Any chance you can publish the text under a CC license?


Thanks for your support! :blobcheer:

The idea of the book is partly to give people a way to support the site.

I tried to set the price as low as I could (Kobo take 30% and then there's sales tax taken off my share, so I get under $2 per book).

I also made sure it was DRM-free.

I'm nervous about putting the book on CC because even under a CC NC licence people could publish it as a free ebook.

The website is CC though and always will be.


I understand your concern. And to be clear, I'm definitely not against selling the book and you getting money from it.

I'm not sure how it could work, I guess it's a similar problem when developing free software and still needing to make money while doing so.

Cory Doctorow has all his books available under CC-BY-NC-SA, for example:


Why I think this would be a good thing for this book though:

Then anyone can share (excerpts) of this book with their friends without hvaing to worry if they are sharing too much of it with too many people and are in fact violating copyright by doing so.

@Bubu @switchingsocial I don't think the excerpts would be a problem because they would qualify as fair use and Switching.Social won't sue you for it. :)

@NylaWoethief @Bubu

Yeah, absolutely.

And also, all of the alternatives listed are on the website. No one should need the book to find an alternative.

The has long form text that doesn't really suit being on the web. It goes more in depth about threats to privacy and why certain solutions work better.


Thanks for the offer :blobaww: Much appreciated!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any easy way for people to make small one-off donations that doesn't involve Paypal :blobfrown:

@switchingsocial Could I use a recurring donation platform and just donate once? (I'm also happy to do a recurring donation!)


Thanks again for the offer!

However, that's not too easy either :blobfrown: as I'm outside the US and Patreon only allows bank transfers for American users.

@Liberapay is better for non-US users, but it seems to require people to pay in several months contributions at once (because of processing fees), so the amount wouldn't be so small.

Publishing a low-price DRM-free book through Kobo seemed to be the "least worst" way to allow small one-off donations.

@switchingsocial @EvanHahn Donors who can't afford to pay several months in advance are trying to donate too much. They probably need their money just as much as the person they want to send it to, if not more, so they should keep it, and that's why we don't allow them to waste it in processing fees.

P.S. Our current minimum payment amount is 2.00 USD, that's quite low.

@Liberapay @switchingsocial @EvanHahn

> Donors who can't afford to pay several months in advance are trying to donate too much.

This is a narrow assumption. It's not only affordance but also just willing. Some people might able to be afford it but just don't want to.

@jalcine @Liberapay @switchingsocial That makes sense to me—I might totally be able to afford it but would rather not for some other reason.

I understand the processing fees can really cut into donations, though, so I don't know if I have a perfect answer here.


Unfortunately Ko-fi requires a Paypal account :(

Thanks for the support :)

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