If you enjoy using switching.social and would like to support the site, please consider buying "The Switching Social Handbook":


It's short, but it's designed mainly to complement the website rather than duplicate it. It discusses the challenges to privacy and looks at the alternatives on offer.

It's a DRM-free ePub file, which should work on most major eBook readers.

(Let me know about any problems or feedback!)

@switchingsocial So... you can sign in to buy the book with Google, Facebook, or, for the privacy conscious, Walmart?


You don't need to sign in with any of those.

There should be an option to sign in with Rakuten Kobo (i.e. the bookshop itself).

I was going to go with a more indie site, but they all seemed to demand PayPal (which I don't have) with no alternatives. Kobo was the least-worst option.



I'm sorry about the American version of Kobo, I didn't know they promoted big tech signins like that 😟

Kobo's login page outside the US has the Kobo login front and centre with other options less visible.

@switchingsocial Not sure what everyone else is smoking, but the US has the same exact login page


How weird... :blobsurprised:

Someone on Twitter said they got a Walmart page too, maybe it's just in particular states? Or maybe they've just stopped doing it?

Anyway, thanks for the info! :blobsmile:

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