is a free open federated blogging platform for the Fediverse.

You can find out more at:

You can sign up at:

...and many other instances listed at

It's powered by ActivityPub, so you can follow Plume blogs from Mastodon, Friendica, Pleroma and other ActivityPub-powered social networks.

So is it like a normal blog with RSS but also makes it more like twitter when it comes to the comments?


Yeah, I guess so!

I think the idea is to provide an open alternative to

@switchingsocial If you have any connection with developers - say them that design is a bit too minimalist and font don't support Cyrillic, so Russian version of website sucks

@SneakBug8 @switchingsocial Hey :-) Can you open an issue on github to report this problem (here : I currently don't have time to try to help on this problem but others certainly can! :-)

@SneakBug8 @switchingsocial Do you have any screenshot of how Cyrillic currently looks in Plume? It would help to address the issue...

@SneakBug8 I tried to test this with a random Cyrillic text, and as far as I could see, it was rendered normally?

I mean, there's a Rust library here to help with this, though I am not sure if Plume implements it, or not.

If you feel the problem persisting at this time, @Elza may be able to pass it onto the developers, if you give her more details?

@GwenfarsGarden @switchingsocial your welcome. I'm behind a few, but I've learned from the ones I have read

Thank you

@lufthans I've had a look at your plume blog, but I confess I barely understand the titles. I gather it's programming stuff?!

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah, my blog will be mostly Free Software, specifically system administration, programming and conferences

My cooperative competition post was a first attempt at the topic that I intend to explore for a non-tech audience.

At some point I might also explore the concepts for non-software as the cooperative advantage exists for anything that exchanges ideas

@lufthans @switchingsocial @GwenfarsGarden Can I interact with your plume instance directly from my 'mastodon' account, or do I need to make a 'plume' account?

@douginamug @lufthans @switchingsocial You can, by searching and following that that account via Masto.

However, at the moment you cannot follow me specifically, as there is a problem with my account that's stopping this.

@GwenfarsGarden @douginamug @switchingsocial ah, I wondered why you're Plume acct was missing

but now I realize you trimmed it back for Winter and it will bloom again in the Spring :)

@douginamug @switchingsocial @GwenfarsGarden you can follow them from Mastodon, but my Mastodon account hasn't been getting updates from my Plume account

I hope that will work seamlessly at some point

I would actually like to use a Mastodon thread as the comment section for Plume blog posts

Plume account for following from Mastodon:



@switchingsocial yeah I like this too. But I search a solution without hosting

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