Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:

(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

Shit! As a professional CGI Artist, Natron was a copy of a professional software that I really wanted. ^^

@switchingsocial It looks great! Thank you so much for putting it together. ^^

@switchingsocial Here's a report (interview to the developers) from the LibreGraphicsWorld guys they made last November about Natron:

@switchingsocial Although not #opensource there is Davinci Resolve which is truly a replacement for Adobe Premiere to the point it can do colour correcting, closed captions and even work with industry codecs such as .mxf It works on all 3 major OSs as well:) Free for up to 2K resolution, can be downloaded by registering although you can make it up, it only initiates the download.
The full version is only $299, no subscription.

@switchingsocial Worth to mention that Kdenlive, Shotcut and Flowblade are all based on the MLT multimedia framework, so their capabilities are close, but their UI and workflow are a bit different.

@switchingsocial which natron website cert has expired? redirects to the github page, which has SSL.


I don't get a redirect, just a warning about the certificate being expired :/



It's, but if I click on it through Mastodon it does the redirect fine.

If I click on it through Wikipedia it gives me the certificate warning:

(link is at the bottom of the page)


Oh, now I get it. The link you posted was HTTP, so it never even tried to use the certificate, but the wikipedia link is HTTPS.

@switchingsocial oh I see it now, thanks for pointing it out. I'll see if we can get that resolved.

@switchingsocial Olive Editor is a p great FOSS hardware accelerated editor, great alternative to use premiere pro and it borrows UI layouts and such from premiere pro, making it easy to transition to.

@switchingsocial have you run across a good Acrobat (not reader) alt?
I use acrobat 7 at the moment to make fillable character sheets for RPGs. I haven't run across anything that can make the form fields.

@leadore @switchingsocial neat, but not quite what I am looking for. I want to be able to edit existing PDFs. Character sheets are usually offered in PDF, and are meant to be just printed. Writing physically is hard for me, and typing takes about a quarter of the time.

@Nikon @leadore @switchingsocial I use to write over existing PDF files (both typed text and free-hand graphics)

It doesn't use PDF form fields, however, just a layer on top of the existing file.

@Nikon @leadore @switchingsocial LibreOffice can edit PDF - but with some PDF types it edits as a PowerPoint-style canvas you can basically draw on top of. Try it out and see if it plays nice.

@switchingsocial I'm pretty sure it is still maintained but just needs more developers the way the github reads.

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