Lots of thanks to everyone for suggestions for the Adobe CC alternatives list.

Here it is, let me know if there's anything you want added/corrected:


(Natron looks good too but it seems to be no longer maintained, and its official website's certificate has expired.)

@switchingsocial how about alternatives for audio/podcasting?


Good point!

I forgot to add any audio :O

Has anyone got any recommendations?

@switchingsocial @Joe Audio like recording (i.e. DAWs)?

Audacity (more lightweight/simple) and Ardour (full featured DAW) are the first that come to mind, personally.

@kithop @Joe

This is for the "alternatives to Adobe CC" page so alternatives to Audition, I guess.

@Joe @switchingsocial Yeah, in that case probably Ardour. I still use Pro Tools personally (more music stuff than podcasts), but there are a couple other open source ones listed here I hadn't heard of:


@kithop @switchingsocial I think ardour is way too complicated for most podcasts.

@Joe @switchingsocial It's.. not as polished, no. Again, this is why I still use Pro Tools, too.

I *have* mixed a track in Ardour, but it's not Ardour that's the problem - it's JACK.

Maybe Ardour on macOS is better because honestly, Apple got things *right* with CoreAudio; Pulseaudio and JACK are atrocious by comparison.

But for FLOSS on Linux, I'm not sure.

@kithop @switchingsocial yeah, there are many Linux audio issues. I like Hindenburg for the simplicity. But then it is not working in Linux either :(

@Joe @kithop

Alternatives don't have to be for Linux, Win or Mac alternatives are ok too.

Main thing is they're free and open.

@switchingsocial @kithop ok but not all your alternative are free. I use fastmail, which is an option on SS and isn't free.


@Joe @kithop

I know, but sometimes (especially with online services) I have to bend the rules a bit to get a least-worst option.

@switchingsocial @kithop fair enough. I quite like fastmail, it's a decent choice I think.

@Joe @switchingsocial @kithop also JACK I p great but hard to get in to. I like the possibility of real-time routing and processing without needing a DAW.

@Joe @switchingsocial @kithop it is complicated, but hecking fast :P

Complexity can be lessened using KXStudios Cadence application

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