(Really Simple Syndication) is a way to follow your favourite news sites and blogs.

When you subscribe to an RSS feed using an RSS app, every new story gets sent to you in chronological order. There are no algorithms or trackers.

You can find out more about RSS (including recommended apps) on's "Alternatives to Google News" page:

You can also follow Mastodon accounts by just adding ".rss":

You should mention that it's the same technology that powers podcasts as well! :)


Yes, good point! RSS can be for any kind of media feed, not just text.


Ooh! I didn't know about the Mastodon RSS trick. Thank you!

Also, Libreture RSS feeds for blog, public reading activity, and user reading activity are available too!

@switchingsocial Although, technically, I think it would be possible to filter and "personalize" the RSS update sent to each client. Not desirable for the client, I'd say, but possible. No trackers, though 👍

@switchingsocial thanks for the tip on flym reader for Android , I was using feeder from fdroid but flym is much nicer.
:fdroid: :opensource:

@switchingsocial Do you have any non-app suggestions? ie: The Old Reader

@switchingsocial I tried Thunderbird just now, and it's buggy. Tried to create an RSS feed account, and it didn't go through. I *thought* it didn't. It wound up creating a dozen of them. Grr.


Geez... sorry to hear that.

I use it myself but it's not the most intuitive app :/

Main problem is finding a good RSS desktop app that is still being maintained :(

@switchingsocial I used to use eons ago. Really liked it then. Do my email now, however, in a paid account and access it online, so no need for the Tbird.

Good RSS readers are hard to find. I bounce between tinyrss and something on my laptop. Used FeedBro and liked it until an update wiped out my tags. Playing with Reeder at the moment, enjoying that for now.
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