is an upcoming open privacy-friendly alternative to invasive voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Instead of sending your voice to be processed elsewhere, the processing happens offline on the device itself:

It's not yet ready for ordinary users, but there's an official site for developers/hobbyists who want to have a go at making their own Snips device:

There is an offline fork called JarbasAI. Mycroft is also working on a personal server back end that you can run yourself completely offline.

@switchingsocial ha you know, I was just thinking about this the other day.


I don't quite follow. That's an order form for development kit hardware?

You don't have to use it, the software is open source.

@switchingsocial There is a lot of text that goes off the right hand side.


Ah, fair enough. I guess they haven't designed it properly for mobiles :/


Thanks. I'll have to try finding a path to it from their main site via desktop.



Yeah, it is too hidden really. I had to do an internet search to find it.


ahhh! that does explain it.

unfortunately, not a unique anti-pattern

@gudenau @switchingsocial That's the seeedstudio website though, not the website of Snips

Ran into this today (their app showed up on @fdroidorg ), seems like both the server and the client are FOSS: .

@switchingsocial yes..
was looking at that #ai recently.

seems that what perhaps could be assistive is getting some tutorials attached to information.
Wondering whether there are some such sites that offer help getting into open and alt #tech - despite such tools being a bit rough around the edges?

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