is an upcoming open privacy-friendly alternative to invasive voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.

Instead of sending your voice to be processed elsewhere, the processing happens offline on the device itself:

It's not yet ready for ordinary users, but there's an official site for developers/hobbyists who want to have a go at making their own Snips device:

There is an offline fork called JarbasAI. Mycroft is also working on a personal server back end that you can run yourself completely offline.


I don't quite follow. That's an order form for development kit hardware?

You don't have to use it, the software is open source.

@switchingsocial There is a lot of text that goes off the right hand side.


Ah, fair enough. I guess they haven't designed it properly for mobiles :/

@switchingsocial @gudenau Or for anything else for that matter; it's bloody unreadable. Glad you linked their github.


Thanks. I'll have to try finding a path to it from their main site via desktop.



Yeah, it is too hidden really. I had to do an internet search to find it.


ahhh! that does explain it.

unfortunately, not a unique anti-pattern

@gudenau @switchingsocial That's the seeedstudio website though, not the website of Snips

Ran into this today (their app showed up on @fdroidorg ), seems like both the server and the client are FOSS: .

I don't think SUSI.AI runs Snips, they are different projects. It would be nice to have a Snips Android app in F-Droid, though
@switchingsocial @fdroidorg

@doenietzomoeilijk @switchingsocial @fdroidorg

Voice Panel for Home Assistant - Apps on Google Play

Voice Panel is a open source Voice Assistant for Home Assistant powered by the Snips Voice Platform. Snips provides a private, powerful, and customizable voice assistant technology that processes all language input on the device, nothing is ever sent to the cloud. Voice Panel uses Snips to act as a voice interface for Home Assistant.

@switchingsocial yes..
was looking at that #ai recently.

seems that what perhaps could be assistive is getting some tutorials attached to information.
Wondering whether there are some such sites that offer help getting into open and alt #tech - despite such tools being a bit rough around the edges?

@switchingsocial this sounds like a VC funded #fashernista #dotcons that will fip when bought out by one of the big #dotcons any thing VC funded is dead on sighning the paperwork. look at the history of this if you need to.


If it's open and works offline, they can't get your data.

What worries me more are things like Mycroft that route everyone's queries through their servers. If they get bought, people's data is vulnerable.

@switchingsocial @uint8_t sounds cool, though i thought offline voice assistants weren't really a possible thing, since offline voice recognition tends to be terrible...

@switchingsocial I've already done some tests and mini-projects with Snips and I love it! Runs fine on a RaspberryPi 2/3, and the developper console is quite good!

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