There are a couple of open source automated sites available.

Both are still under development so they lack some languages/features, but you can try them already on their demo sites:



@switchingsocial Apertium looks really interesting but unfortunately no support for German currently.I already know the other one but if I remember correctly the results aren't that great there.

@switchingsocial That's what am I lookin for once for a while, big thanks! :)
I shall start translating to Polish soon 😍

take care!

@switchingsocial OpenNMT is bookmarked now, thanks! Apertium disqualified by relying on JavaScript loaded from Google (

@IzzyOnDroid There are a few alternative ways to use Apertium listed on their wiki, if you want to check whether those are dependent on google libraries.

@rubah is the only one without GoogleApis. But that doesn't help much as the language set is limited (and the interface is in a language I don't speak).

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