Hey Friendica users!

The android app Fedilab now supports Friendica accounts:

It's available from @fdroidorg and Google Play.

You can follow Fedilab on here at

Fedilab also supports Mastodon, Pleroma and PeerTube accounts. You can manage many accounts at once from the same app.

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @tom79

Do you know if there is anything for iOS either planned, in development or released? I would like to use more fediverse projects, however, a lack of apps holds me back.

@UnclearFuture @switchingsocial @fdroidorg @tom79 lack of Friendica apps has been holding me back from pushing it as a #Facebook alternative.


Hopefully now that Friendica is on activitypub that will change, Fedilab maybe first of many?


I don't know, Fedilab is an Android app, not sure if has any plans for iOS?

@switchingsocial @fdroidorg @tom79 weird, it doesn't work for me

I just reset my password and pasted the new password into the password field and I still get this error


I think the developer said support is new so there may be bugs, but if people can give feedback they can be fixed.

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