How easy is it to keep a LineageOS phone updated?

Does it work automatically over the air, like on a normal Android?

@switchingsocial Official builds receive OTA updates, unofficial builds need a manual flash

@switchingsocial that was certainly how it was last I used it. But obviously with a lot more frequency and none of that waiting for carrier approval nonsense

@switchingsocial Updates are pretty easy, especially official ones. if non official subscribt to xda forum nd flash if new version is out. easyto. download to sd card, boot into recovery and flash from sd card.

@switchingsocial yes, ota works. Even on LineageOS #microG.

Only major system upgrades can cause "problems" (e.g. lineageos 14.1 → 15.1), i.e. you need to manually flash the new image.

What the others say, I use official lineageos and is dead easy

As long as the device is maintained, everything is fine. But unfortunately support is dropped for a number of devices on a regular basis due to the lack of maintainers :mastosob:

@switchingsocial I use unofficial and normally is all smooth. A couple of times in 1year I've had to remove some file from twrp or reflash but just special cases

@switchingsocial I'm running an unofficial build, but it's dead simple in twrp either way.

@switchingsocial Official #LineageOS build update is easy as any #Android - just go to Settings and Software update. Unofficial build upgrades are manual, I have once blogged in details:

@switchingsocial As people have mentioned - for official builds, yes, there's OTA updates. Nightlies, in my case. You can hit the '...' menu in the top right and then 'Show Changelog' to open up the commit history in a browser.


I'll be the one that goes against the grain and say that the OTA update system on official LOS is flakey at best (although it's quite known on the Reddit sub), and I used LOS since it was CM.

When I hit the update button I expect more often than not to have to do the update manually in TWRP.

Running LineageOS on a Nextbit Robin for a few months. Very easy to update, I actually had to turn off the daily update notifications just out of annoyance. I was upgrading every day for a few weeks when I first flashed it and it never failed.

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