Yesterday was the last post in the current series.

You can see the whole series most easily by going to:

You can find out more about alternatives on the website:

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Cheers! :blobsmile:

Just to make clear, this is just the end of the hashtag post series.

I'm still carrying on with everything else like the website and this account, please do keep requesting/suggesting alternatives!

@switchingsocial Hi! I don't know if you've mentioned it in some post, but have you heard about movim ( It's a distributed social network built on top XMPP. Pretty neat if you ask me, even though it's a bit slow and there wasn't much interesting content that I could find when I tried it.

@switchingsocial Also, if someone were to make something similar but built on top of Matrix it would the best thing ever. Then, from just your #Matrix account you could talk to your contacts over: mail, sms, whatsapp, telegram, irc, discord, etc. and all the matrix rooms. It would definitely be a dream come true.

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