Mastodon users,

If you want to protect your followers' privacy, you can make your follower lists private:

1. Go to Settings
2. Go to Preferences
3. Tick the "Hide your network" box
4. Select "Save Changes"

You will still see your list of followers, but others won't.

(This also hides the list of who you follow.)


I'm not sure when this was introduced, but my instance is on 2.7.3.

@switchingsocial @kensanata OTOH, seeing who follows/are followed by others is a useful way of expanding your network.

Perhaps instead there should be something like a “private follow” - i.e., it's the follower's decision and on a per-follow basis. Not sure if the followee should be able to mark the follow private, but more marginal.

@switchingsocial I have this turned on, and it prevents me from seeing who I follow, even when logged in as myself. (: Still useful though!


Weird... I can see my follows/followers without a problem :blobthinking:

Don't know what is going on there... :blobsmile:

Speaking of #privacy: Why is there still no way to opt a #Mastodon instance out of the #fediverse, completely, no ifs, ands or buts?


Erm... I'm not sure where you're getting your info, but I think that is already possible?

It even mentions this as a possibility in the official Mastodon video (at 01:28):

@switchingsocial I just checked the video, and I have to say, no, you do not.
I'm talking about this:

Making an instance private to itself. With users from other instances not being able to search for users on that instance, see user profiles, see toots or images without being authenticated to that specific instance.


The thread you linked has this comment from one of the developers:

"Mastodon can be run in a firewalled mode, but we do not support it, since it runs counter to the principles of decentralization."


If you just want a centralised discussion site without any federation at all, there are plenty of them around, why not just use one of those?

Discourse itself, for example:

@switchingsocial At the time I was looking for a "social network" for my family, and my family only. I don't care about federation, in fact, I really don't want my family internal data federated at all, anywhere, not by default and not by user error.


You could try Friendica? That's got social network style features and it runs in unfederated mode very easily.

@switchingsocial Yeah, but try as I might, I couldn't find anything about a "firewalled mode".

@blindcoder @switchingsocial

There are centralized open source social network use them.

@blindcoder @inditoot @switchingsocial

Pjuu might be the thing you are looking for.
Its lightweight, has its own app, is open source, runs on python, and does not federate at all!

On, I go by username = mukt.
Feel free to give a hi.

@blindcoder @switchingsocial You can do this with Pleroma.

You can probably hack it into mastodon pretty easily by just dropping the endpoints used for federation. It's a short list.

@switchingsocial I thought this setting just delisted your profile from showing In public timelines


It is slightly ambiguously named 😕

"Hide Your Network" hides the contents of your public profile page's "follows" and "followers" sections.

You can hide your posts from public timelines using the manual post privacy setting below each post. You can set the default post privacy setting from "Settings > Preferences > Post Privacy" (see attached photo).

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