In case you missed it, the "off-the-grid" app Manyverse now has a Fediverse account for announcements and questions:


Manyverse works on Scuttlebutt, a distributed social network without any servers, where people connect directly to each other:

Scuttlebutt lets you have complete control over your data (it's stored on your computer or phone) and over who sees it (only people you connect with).

@switchingsocial @manyver_se I might be mistaken, but your data is also stored on your follower's computers (that's how scuttlebutt works offline), so that limits a bit your control over it.

I am not dunking on scuttlebutt, it is a great network to get into. But once data is sent, there is pretty much no control over it as far as I know.

@chupacabra @manyver_se

Well, it sends data that you have chosen to share.

You're in control over what you share and who you share it with, but once you send someone a copy it becomes their data too.

That's true of pretty much any form of written communication, even physical letters.

@switchingsocial @manyver_se

it sounds beautifully promising. unfortunately, when last attempted to connect with a person at the same #cafe -
it couldn't connect :(

hopefully this will alter next time we try ;)

{not everyone i meet is into such tests ;) }

@ahanon @manyver_se

Yes, agreed.

It's still early days for Manyverse and Scuttlebutt, they're not as functional as e.g. Mastodon.

What is interesting about Manyverse is that they're trying to make Scuttlebutt easier and more polished.

For anyone interested in techy stuff, there's a good roadmap that Manyverse are steadily working through:

@switchingsocial @manyver_se

oh! i see..
cheers for the link!

tbh its a potentially exciting tech imho.
perhaps a life saver for people on the move, aka #refugees.


@ahanon @manyver_se

Yes, a lot of potential and doing something very different instead of copying others.

The lead developer calls the network a lifeboat for that reason.

@ahanon @switchingsocial @manyver_se Being in the same café - if you mean a real café with WIFI this WIFI is for security reasons often configured in a way, that the different logged in people are isolated from each other. This may be the reason.

If you instead set up or use an existing pub, sharing data may work better.

@mad @manyver_se @switchingsocial hi.
We were connected via my phone tethering.
Nit sure how it didn't connect. 😯

@mad @switchingsocial @ahanon But creating a Wi-Fi hotspot from a third phone is also a possibility. If that's not possible, then Bluetooth sync is also an option in Manyverse. — @staltz

Did you guys actually tried it out? When I open manyverse, nothing happens except infinite sync / setup database. I added a few invites from resources listed on scuttlebutt page. How can you access groups in manyverse?

@switchingsocial @manyver_se

It didn't work for me when I tried it today. I could create invites. I could paste in others' invites. None of those invites would complete loading and associating a connection between two smartphones over the Internet.

Also couldn't delete pending messages. Nor could I get much, if any, information on why there were issues with above.

@bill @mflx @manyver_se

I had to try a number of different pubs before I got one that worked?

(I wasn't using Manyverse though, but a different Scuttlebutt client called Patchwork, which is for desktop computers).

@mflx @manyver_se

So... after reading up on the Scuttlebutt protocol, I found that I and my wife needed to have registered with a Pub server to have Manyverse work.

I found this out after reading the section on Pub servers. Not anywhere on the app page in a way that was remotely obvious.

I'll be testing again tonight.

@manyver_se Nice, thanks will try out the overnight-thingy :D

@switchingsocial @manyver_se
scuttlebut works by planting an invisible file folder on your core drive that you can’t remove. But they don’t tell you that when you sign up for their network.

@ShaunBartone @manyver_se

I haven't found anything like that.

There is a hidden folder, but you can delete it.

They tell you about the hidden folder in the documentation:

@ShaunBartone @switchingsocial You can remove that folder just like any other folder. And on mobile, it's a folder in the app, so the folder is deleted once the app is uninstalled.

There's a lot we could inform upon sign up, because SSB works so much differently. Right now with Manyverse I'm experiment with no instructions to avoid screen clutter and see if people understand it. Will add onboarding screen later, see

@manyver_se @switchingsocial @staltz
I was not able to delete it 'like any folder'. I was told by a scuttlebutt developer that if you don't delete it correctly, you can delete the contents of your whole drive. I took the 'pute' to a tech and they refused to touch it.

@ShaunBartone @manyver_se @staltz

I've used Scuttlebutt and was definitely able to delete the folder without a problem.

I don't quite understand how deleting one folder could delete a whole drive?

Do you have a link to what the developer actually said?

@switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz


rm -rf ~/.ssb

Be careful with that commands there are no take backs and if you enter it wrong you will gut your machine.

Appreciate the feedback. I think you could have phrased the responsibility part better - specifically, you need to take responsibility for what you download and install and blaming others...comes across like you're a consumer and I'm a business with responsibilities to you, which is not at all the case <3

@switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz

this was my original request for help:

Patchwork folks: I need instructions for deleting the Scuttlebutt .ssb folder from my home directory. Mac OS 10.13.6 I found it using the Mac OS Terminal, but I don’t know how to delete it. It has no contents, but I want to get rid of the folder completely.

It’s pretty irresponsible for Scuttlebutt to show you how to set up an account but not how to delete it.

Not your fault I know but—

Please help.

I think that warning was just saying, "Hey just be sure to type it carefully, so you don't accidentally delete the wrong thing.

But, maybe there's a easier way. I don't use a Mac but I looked up the command to show hidden files. In Finder in your home folder, try pressing Command + Shift + Period to toggle showing hidden files on and off. If that works and you see the .ssb folder, you should just be able to delete it normally.
1/2 ...

@switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz

BTW, lots of programs put their settings/configuration info in hidden subfolders like this (the names start with a period which makes them hidden). So when you uninstalled the program this was probably just left behind--nothing nefarious and doesn't do anything, especially if it's empty, it's not even using up any space. So it's not a big deal whether you remove it or just leave it there.

@switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz

@leadore @switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz

.ssb folder--I checked the permissions on the .ssb folder. I had the option of 'owning' the folder, so I did that, thinking I could find and delete it easier. But it's now a 'hidden' folder on my desktop. I still can't see it and I still can't delete it.

@ShaunBartone @manyver_se @staltz

That sounds more like a comment about that particular command rather than anything scuttlebutt-related?

I deleted scuttlebutt's folder a much easier way, by just deleting the folder's icon in the graphical interface. That's the way most people would do it, and there's no danger of deleting your whole system either.

@switchingsocial @manyver_se @staltz

I tried deleting the way you normally would on a Mac, by dragging it into the trash, but it didn't work.

@ShaunBartone @manyver_se @switchingsocial @staltz , maybe this developer meant, that if you delete this folder, you delete this #scuttlebutt account. Inside this scuttlebutt data folder there is a folder called blobs. If you run out of space, you can delete this sub-folder. Read more about it here:

@mad @manyver_se @staltz @switchingsocial
I already deleted the blobs file/folder. I'm left with this empty shell .ssb

Don't know how to delete it on Mac OS 10.14.3

@switchingsocial @manyver_se
(1) Is Personas implemented yet?
* Personas subsumes
** multiple-accounts
** multiple-identities
* a.k.a. personAs, like sameAs
(2) The app store app is se.manyver
While the name is,
so in case u search ur app store for the name, u gotta know to flip that.

@djenderesensjuelist The app store app is se.manyver
While the name is
Most of the apps se the reverse domain name notation for app package name…
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