You can follow multiple hashtags on Mastodon very easily:

1. Search for a hashtag
2. Go to the search results column, open its options and select "Pin"
3. On the pinned column, open its options and select "Include additional tags for this column"
4. Add all the hashtags you want to follow to "Any of these"

This pinned column will then show results for the tags you add to it.

It allows you to follow topics in a single column the same way you would follow people.

@switchingsocial I'm finding the pinned searches don't seem to refresh though. If I manually search for the same tag then the pinned search refreshes. Is this a host node configuration issue?


I'm not sure, I'm not a developer 😕

Maybe someone else knows?

@antonlopez @stsquad

Well, hashtags are the only kind of search on Mastodon, so yes.

@switchingsocial @stsquad

Actually Mastodon searches are a little bit more rich than that, including old posts from your TL, user accounts... depending on your instance, I guess.

@switchingsocial @stsquad

Haven't experienced what Alex has explained, though. I'll take a look.

@switchingsocial @stsquad

Just tested... Hashtags feeds from search results seem to update at the same time as pinned hashtags, at least on my timelines.

@antonlopez @switchingsocial so what I'm seeing is the pinned tag never updates, until I search for the tag which triggers everything to update.

@antonlopez @stsquad

If you ask your instance admin, they might be able to help?

Instances might be running different versions and/or modifications?

@switchingsocial I wonder how to get this pinned in the mobile browser version?

@switchingsocial yeah, it works. But it works awful slow 😞 It’s pretty hard thing this feature does under the hood

Can @Tusky pin multiple hash tags to a tab? That would be so awesome.


@uniq unfortunately not!

I'll add it in as a request on github, because it would be a very handy feature, even for this account!

@switchingsocial thanks! this is the Mastodon feature I was looking for ...

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