Framaforms is an instance of WebForm, which is already listed.

I would list Framaforms too, but it is only in French :( I try to list sites that have English options.

@switchingsocial Yeah, I understand 🙂

And yeah, it seems that is only in French.
The homepage of Framasoft website can be translated but it seems this is not the case for the form services 😕


As far as I can tell, Framaforms is only in French? I try to only list services that have an English language option.

(But Framaforms is just an instance of WebForm which *is* listed.)

@switchingsocial I got "508 Resource Limit is Reached", so I'll look later, but I want to advocate for kobotoolbox.org/ as a fantastic alternative to Google Forms. It has pretty easy UX for building forms while being super flexible; it's open source and standards-based; offers free hosting for non-profits and small surveys; and in addition to online web-based surveys you can also run the surveys offline. Offline surveys work in a browser or with a mobile app, which is also open source.


Thanks for the suggestion.

The page should be loading now, maybe too many people clicked at once? :D


Thank you, but that is an instance of WebForm (which is already listed).

I would list Framaforms too but it is only in French. I try to list sites that are also in English.


I've been developing this project little by little as well, still alpha quality but has a bunch of features I at least find useful: https://gitlab.com/mayel/dataverse
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