Anyone know how this compares to other options like Leaflet?

I'm hoping to add a map to one of my websites this spring, but my coding skills are somewhat rudimentary. Looking for the most n00b-friendly option.

Thanks! I'll look into it more this week.

A quick glance makes it look like an easier front-end to get started with for simple maps, which is exactly what I need.

@switchingsocial Hey @EarthStrikeInt I noticed that the map on your site uses Google Maps. Has the web design team considered using this instead? ☝️

@socalledunitedstates @switchingsocial

I'll try to nudge them in that direction. However do understand that we have a lot on our plates, so if we can't switch to OSM just yet plz understand! Have a great day =)


Just following up on that,


we're actually working on a new map system for our webside redesign at the moment!

@EarthStrikeInt @socalledunitedstates @switchingsocial In that same sense, I'd like to point out that you are using Discord. Not only may that cause doubts among techno-humanistic-ethical professionals but also please be aware that free software/technology (as in freedom) is necessarily a corner piece of the society we need. IMHO.
Good to see you on the fediverse! :)

@tuttle @switchingsocial @socalledunitedstates

We are actively working on moving, for now we have a Matrix bridge available at #earthstrike:chat.weho.st

@EarthStrikeInt @switchingsocial @socalledunitedstates I'm not sure the objective here is to bridge with proprietary software but instead to reject software that does not respect us. Anyway..
Have you got a list of tech. tasks that we can see and maybe participate with?

@tuttle Not ATM, but I'll ask around. Thanks for your interest.

@switchingsocial wow, thanks for pointing this one out, I have just started using it to plan a trip, and being able to share a link with others to edit maps collaboratively is great. I'll be looking into importing POIs in OsmAnd at some point, I expect won't be too hard :blobcatcoffee:

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