The lead developer of Fedilab has a new project called Fedvice:


It's a database for keyword searches of Fediverse instances (including Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed, PeerTube).

-You can get suggestions by messaging Fedvice with hashtags

-You can add an instance by messaging Fedvice with an instance URL and some hashtags

-You can also remove your data by messaging it with the word "delete"

It's an open source project, the source code is here:

p.s. The number of instances in the database is still quite small (you can find out yourself by messaging the bot with the word "stats").

The more instances are added, the better the database becomes.

The idea is to provide a resource that new people can use to find a suitable instance.

By the way, you can use direct messages to communicate with the bot if you don't want to fill your timeline with instance searches.

Hello @switchingsocial! I didn't find data from your account to delete :)

@switchingsocial @fedvice @greenfediverse That keyword feature is a good start for our #greenfediverse project to collect instances that run on renewable energy!

Thanks for sharing @switchingsocial

People can also mention an instance to get known tags about it.

When the bot doesn't understand the message, it replies with a quote. That's useless for data, but that avoids the annoying same reply.

As soon as there will be enough data, I will offer the API part. This API will be also used with Fedilab to suggest instances to follow.

May I suggest a name review? I realise that you were probably thinking of “federated advice” but it does sound like “federation vice”.

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