You can very easily browse hashtags on the Fediverse by going to a large Mastodon instance and using the address (instance)/tags/(hashtag).

For example:

This page includes public posts from the Fediverse using that hashtag. You don't need to be logged in to view the page.

Click on a post date to see it enlarged with replies.

Different instances show different combinations of posts, depending on who people follow on that instance.

Not exactly easy, IMO, it's one of the most counter-intuitive things about the platform. I hope we will get a global search in the future.


Sorry, I should have written the post better 😕

There is global search for hashtags on your instance if you're logged in, and it displays a similar set of results, but it's displayed in a single column so it's not as interesting-looking. And you can't instance-hop for results from the logged-in results.

Thanks for sharing!

My expereince is, it might even be better to not be logged in!

I figured that I sometimes miss post on a hashtag when im logged in.
Only when I open a private mode tab, I seem to see the full content.

An example would be

-> none when loggen in; lots (full pages, scrolling) in private mode.

#Hashtag #Overview

@kellerfuchs You can search for hashtags from the logged-in search box too, but they aren't laid out in the same way, and you can't instance-hop for different sets of results.

The tags screen is also nice for telling non-users about the kind of content available on the Fediverse.

@switchingsocial Yes, I'm aware I can use the search box.

By “this sort of hack” I meant specifically using another instance to get a larger picture of the Fediverse, rather than having working, global search.

@switchingsocial Since has one of the biggest federated feed, it may be best to go there for these results. It's too bad the hashtag view got that 'update' that made it so busy and hard to read through

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