is putting up their prices, creators will get less of their fans' donations.

There's a free open source alternative, , which is non-profit:

LiberaPay is itself funded by donations.

You can follow them on the Fediverse:


(alternative at request of reader @mjog 👍 )

@switchingsocial @mjog the real question is "what other alternatives are there?"

@switchingsocial @mjog no, like, I'm literally asking this too.

While Liberapay is nice, I don't view it as a reliable source of income, because there's no monthly support to it. It just becomes another donation right now.

Anyways this is what I posted, feel free to boost.

@maloki @switchingsocial @mjog Have you seen/been watching ?
Last time I looked they were still a few steps away from basic functionality, but being very public about their progress and moving relatively quickly.

(And, like, they're incorporated as a B-corp for starting, and iirc has explicitly said they wants to transition to a profit-capped worker-owned co-op once they're done starting up, and there is... any profit or workers-plural.)

@maloki @switchingsocial @mjog I checked their Twitter and they finished bitcoin integration after working on it for, like, a month and a half
(I assume they did that first because it's easier legal-financial-responsibility-wise? But honestly that's 100% a guess I have no idea?),
and now are starting working on their final payment option and think that should be quicker.

Oh yeah also they have a GoFundMe:

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

That's not Liberapay charging, it's the payment processing companies further down the chain.

@switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog Granted. The net result is the same: don't expect money transfers for free.

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

It's not quite the same.

Patreon isn't raising prices to cover costs, it's raising prices to make more profit.

@aeveltstra Maybe, in terms of sustainability and more "fair" approaches to business and funding, we should at some point accept that things need to go beyond being just "donation-driven", it takes models to make sure people can operate such a service and are able to live off doing so in order to do so in a reliable, stable, user-friendly, privacy-aware manner. If everything is just "donation", everything's just "free-of-charge" again. 😐

@switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog

@z428 @aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

There's nothing wrong with charging a fee for a service, it's a fair and sustainable business model. It would be great if it was the default model for internet services. has lots of fee-based alternatives, for example email or cloud providers with monthly fees.

But the original question a reader asked which inspired this post was alternatives to Patreon, and that's what Liberapay is intended as.

@switchingsocial Sure. I don't disagree. My comment was merely addressing the idea of librepay charging a per-transaction fee - which is something I don't oppose at all if it's just a transparent process. 😉

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

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