is putting up their prices, creators will get less of their fans' donations.

There's a free open source alternative, , which is non-profit:

LiberaPay is itself funded by donations.

You can follow them on the Fediverse:


(alternative at request of reader @mjog 👍 )

@switchingsocial @mjog the real question is "what other alternatives are there?"

@switchingsocial @mjog no, like, I'm literally asking this too.

While Liberapay is nice, I don't view it as a reliable source of income, because there's no monthly support to it. It just becomes another donation right now.

Anyways this is what I posted, feel free to boost.

@DashEquals @switchingsocial @mjog unless they changed something which they haven't announced and that hasn't made waves, the money goes over in one go. And you keep getting emails saying you got support this week, but that money is already received months or weeks ago.

@switchingsocial @mjog
Ah, that's weird. Hopefully they allow a more sustainable option for creators soon.

@DashEquals @maloki @mjog

Maybe @Liberapay can comment?

(I think they had some problems with the cost of processing very small payments so they try to do things in bigger lumps to reduce costs?)

@switchingsocial @DashEquals @mjog @Liberapay honestly I untagged them because I know why. I'm just saying that as a content producer this would be unreliable.

Let people untag folks / accounts without tagging them back in immediately. 😅


well, I appreciate seeing this explanation, at any rate

makes me wonder whether the lump sums come with metadata specifying the period meant to be covered

if not, I could see the difficulty. If so, it transmutes to "how can creators use budgets?".

@DashEquals @mjog @Liberapay

@deejoe @switchingsocial @mjog @Liberapay

Looking at their FAQ: "The minimum you can give any user is €0.01 per week, but in order to minimize processing fees you will be asked to pay for multiple weeks in advance."

It looks like large payments aren't grouped together, only small ones.

@deejoe @switchingsocial @DashEquals @mjog @Liberapay

Liberapay tracks how many weeks the donation is for and then reminds donors to donate again. Some automatic transfers can already happen.

@DashEquals @maloki @switchingsocial @mjog I haven't looked at them with any detail but I think @DestinationLinux let's you choose between Patreon and Ko-Fi (pronounced "coffee" apparently). Maybe it's worth looking into? 🙂

@maloki @switchingsocial @mjog Have you seen/been watching ?
Last time I looked they were still a few steps away from basic functionality, but being very public about their progress and moving relatively quickly.

(And, like, they're incorporated as a B-corp for starting, and iirc has explicitly said they wants to transition to a profit-capped worker-owned co-op once they're done starting up, and there is... any profit or workers-plural.)

@maloki @switchingsocial @mjog I checked their Twitter and they finished bitcoin integration after working on it for, like, a month and a half
(I assume they did that first because it's easier legal-financial-responsibility-wise? But honestly that's 100% a guess I have no idea?),
and now are starting working on their final payment option and think that should be quicker.

Oh yeah also they have a GoFundMe:

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

That's not Liberapay charging, it's the payment processing companies further down the chain.

@switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog Granted. The net result is the same: don't expect money transfers for free.

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

It's not quite the same.

Patreon isn't raising prices to cover costs, it's raising prices to make more profit.

@aeveltstra Maybe, in terms of sustainability and more "fair" approaches to business and funding, we should at some point accept that things need to go beyond being just "donation-driven", it takes models to make sure people can operate such a service and are able to live off doing so in order to do so in a reliable, stable, user-friendly, privacy-aware manner. If everything is just "donation", everything's just "free-of-charge" again. 😐

@switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog

@z428 @aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

There's nothing wrong with charging a fee for a service, it's a fair and sustainable business model. It would be great if it was the default model for internet services. has lots of fee-based alternatives, for example email or cloud providers with monthly fees.

But the original question a reader asked which inspired this post was alternatives to Patreon, and that's what Liberapay is intended as.

@switchingsocial Sure. I don't disagree. My comment was merely addressing the idea of librepay charging a per-transaction fee - which is something I don't oppose at all if it's just a transparent process. 😉

@aeveltstra @Liberapay @mjog

@z428 @aeveltstra @switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog Supply and demand. There's always give and take. Nothing's ever truly free, at least for any sustainable amount of time.

@z428 @ryayak1460 @aeveltstra @switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog if your children go hungry and there is food. Fuck the free market, chop some king heads off.

@ryayak1460 @z428 @aeveltstra @switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog of course i mean that that wealthy capitalists + inheritance are essentially kings.

@jasper Yes and no. Yes, I agree we need more profound changes in some aspects. But no, that shouldn't be an excuse for a lot of people to simply take everything as granted "for free (as in gratis)". We'd be free of quite a bunch of todays problems if that "gratis" mentality wasn't that predominant. 😐

@ryayak1460 @aeveltstra @switchingsocial @Liberapay @mjog

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