There's an alternative to Reddit on the Fediverse, it's called Prismo.

The first instance is here, and is open for sign-ups:

The project's Mastodon account is here:


Federation is still being worked on, but you can already follow Prismo users and comment on their posts from elsewhere on the Fediverse.

For example, here's the lead developer's Prismo account:


I have used prismo but are there plans for subreddits? Or is it just hashtags?
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@RandomPhoton @switchingsocial @prismo @mxb that's been a constant back and forth. I don't think there's been a final decision yet.

People in favor of just hashtags say an instance basically serves as a sub, but people in favor of subs say that means users can't create a sub without spinning up their own instance.

Personally, I'm in favor of just using hashtags. I don't see the use of subs in a federated context where you can follow anybody already. I think it adds needless complexity just to emulate an existing service.

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FWIW, I think non-technical people would find topic-based separate instances clearer, especially if the instance's address is linked to the topic ("Come and talk about food preparation on FoodRecipes.Example").

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Then it should support virtual hosts, i.e. having multiple domains with different content handled by the same prismo installation.

@switchingsocial @prismo @mxb @RandomPhoton which is why I don't think the topic based instance is the right model. I would prefer general instances with topics organized by hashtags. You would follow people who post about things that interest you just like on microblogging fediverse servers.

Topic based instances seem to confuse muggles who are new to the fediverse. That's why we see the question from new people of having to create a new account for different instances.

But I think in reddit's case it's more about following a community and not individuals. I would think that maybe each instance would have a group of subreddits. I.e. can have world news, us news, politics, etc. And I can follow those various subreddits without having an account on that instance. So it ends up being a hybrid?
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@RandomPhoton @0x1C3B00DA @prismo @mxb

Perhaps it might end up a mixture, like Mastodon? With some instances themed and others general?

But all public posts accessible to everyone via hashtags?

@switchingsocial @RandomPhoton @prismo @mxb yea no matter what decision is made, we'll end up with a mix of topical and general instances. But the question is will those general instances support subs so users can create their own groups. And I meant that I don't see the purpose in users creating a sub since anybody outside the sub would be able to follow the individuals and interact

Otherwise you aren't really forming concrete communities.
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@switchingsocial @prismo @mxb is behind CloudFlare. It means CloudFlare can see all your communications with them, including the password. See for more.

@switchingsocial If you are going to add "Alternatives to Reddit" section, consider adding and its instance

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Seems like there is no support for downvoting posts, yet?

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I think that's a deliberate design decision? To judge posts in purely positive terms?

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It kind of kills the spirit of reddit, which allows to demote bad content.
It is one of the few sites, which really allow real feedback. If you get 100 Favs here, you do not know if the rest of the people disagree or if they are just neutral.

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There is a closed but to allow down votes for Mastodon. Eugen did not really like the idea (to be fair: It seems to be not too easy to implement with ActivityPub, but it is not impossible).

I think since Facebook the feedback systems are all centered on "upvote or ignore" instead of allowing a real vote.

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These "positive only" systems are centered around networks, which cannot afford to provide a way to downvote "native advertisments", e.g., sponsored tweets.

The Fediverse would have a chance to do better, because it does not have the need to please advertisers and it does not need to provide an incentive for large companies to create an account.

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I do not agree with the reasoning, but I think it will not kill the service. As you said, HN works without it, some others as well.
I think reddit allows for quickly cleaning threads from trolls and allowing to downvote desinformation, but on the other hand reddit is huge and prismo instances will probably have a moderate size for quite some time.
(Disclaimer: I use reddit only from time to time)

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