If you want to show to friends but you're worried about NSFW videos appearing on the front page, you could try showing them this instance:

A couple of other safe interesting instances too:

VidCommons: a collection of creative commons and public domain films

Blender: the official PeerTube instance for the Blender foundation, including their films

@switchingsocial sounds interesting. Do they have any apps for mobile yet?


For Android, yes.

-Fedilab ( ) which also works with Mastodon, Friendica and Pleroma accounts.

-PeerTube Player

Both of these are in Google Play and F-Droid.

There's a third app under development called P2Play ( @p2play ).

More about PeerTube here:

You can follow PeerTube accounts within your prefered mastodon app. How the video playing is handled depends on the app. May be enough for you...
@switchingsocial @tom79 @p2play

@jeybe @switchingsocial @tom79 @p2play

Ah OK. There used to actually be a p2p social network like Twitter called twister but it stalled. I'd love to see something like that return.

@Jack_Frost @jeybe

If you're looking for a P2P social network, you might want to check out @manyver_se

Hoping for @theScrabi 's #newpipe ! (I keep tagging him because of lack of a newpipe account hehe sorry)
@Jack_Frost @tom79 @p2play

@switchingsocial seems to have mostly french language content judging from the start page?


The start page shows content from a variety of instances (you can see the source instance mentioned under the video's title).

There's a lot of French content on PeerTube, because the project began in France.

It's a project backed by @Framasoft , the main French libre software organisation. The lead developer is also French.

ah that explains it of course. is there a way to filter by language(s)?

The Fediverse is so late about
I think that none of the Fediverse Project respect the ActivityPub spec about language specification. I've seen issues opened for some of them, but no fix so far.

mastodon has a feature where one can filter out languages (in the profile settings). not sure how that's implemented though
@switchingsocial @Framasoft

@switchingsocial It would definitely be an idea for a peertube instance for someone to create a curated selection of videos in whatever language they want so as the first time visitor is presented with a nice looking selection. Perhaps there already is one?



why would you need manual curation? language detection is possible using a software such as

(floss, no cloud service)

i mean one could curated lists anyway to sort by topic and quality, but tastes vary (see youtube's front page when using a new browser)


@zalandocalrissian @switchingsocial The reason I suggested manual curation is because out of the 4 or 5 peertube instances I've visited most of them seem to suffer from same problem: The 'landing pages'(first impression for new users) seem to be a lot of random stuff with very little 'rhyme or reason' or obvious descriptions of content or quality. I suspect a lot of people would be put off by such a first impression and not be inspired to stick around.
#Fediverse #ThinkSmart #Peertube #Marketing

Yeah curated lists over algorithm or other methods could be really usefull since there would be some quality check (depending on the curator) and you'd find some videos might never been suggested by a programmatic approach

also it could be used to follow a certain topic or community.
@zalandocalrissian @switchingsocial

@zalandocalrissian @switchingsocial I think unfortunately when internet users who are used to everything being served up to them on a plate by sites such as youtube encounter sites such as peertube for the first time they are not aware of the ideology but simply care about a 'quick hit'. I do not know what the correct term is but perhaps it is similar to the 'elevator pitch' where there is a short time to grab people before they are gone, possibly for ever.

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