is a free open alternative to Google Keep. It includes text, images, audio, todo lists and syncing features.

It's currently available for Android (on Google Play and F-Droid), Linux, and NextCloud.

You can follow it here:


You can find out more and contribute on its git page:

The lead developer is here:


Exactly what I needed! Let me check it and then send some dough to the creator!
@Carnet @PhieLaidMignon

@switchingsocial @Carnet @PhieLaidMignon
I'm generally an org-mode/plain text person, but I set up NextCloud and I've been trying out carnet syncing to nc. So far I'm really enjoying having a more modern notes app to use across my phone and desktop. Great that I can use it in a self hosted way.

@laydros @switchingsocial @Carnet @PhieLaidMignon

I'm using Joplin for self hosted notes taking. Installed in Nextcloud and syncing with Android and Kubuntu desktop. It's free and open source.

I'm sorry, I don't, it would require too much work. You can try the online version that works pretty well on phones, here is my public nextcloud server:
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@Carnet @PhieLaidMignon @switchingsocial I did have a look at this but in the end decided to use joplin. What I'm really waiting for is the android version of Deck!

Thanks for this! I've heard about Carnet for a while, tonight I tried it out. I love it. Will replace my nextcloud notes app.

@Carnet @PhieLaidMignon

@switchingsocial @Carnet @PhieLaidMignon This looks amazing! Will definitely check it out, thanks for posting!

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