The vote is today.

However it goes, it highlights the dangers of internet services hosted by someone else.

Self-hosting lets you control your own internet services and access them from your phone or computer, just like you would normally. Only you have access to the server they run on, which means ultimate privacy 👍

These projects are trying to make it easier for beginners:




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It's bad news, I'm afraid :blobcry:

"Dark day for internet freedom: The @Europarl_EN has rubber-stamped copyright reform including and . MEPs refused to even consider amendments. The results of the final vote: 348 in favor, 274 against"

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We were actually close to getting a better type of vote... 😟

"Voting on individual amendments (like the proposal to delete ) was rejected by a majority of just 5 votes."

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The Swedish Social Democrats have three votes. Had they voted for, the amendments process would have been able to happen.



@switchingsocial @yunohost @freedomboxfndn @freedombone Anywhere I can get a list of the 274 I will choose from during the elections?


Individual governments outside trade blocs tend to be more vulnerable to lobbying by multinationals, especially if a government tends towards favouring big business lobbyists.

However bad A13 is, you can expect something worse from UK gov post-Brexit.


Leaving the EU won't help. If anything, individual govs outside trade blocs are *more* vulnerable to corporate lobbying because of their relatively smaller size.

The problem here was a lack of MEPs willing to vote it down. If EU citizens elect more pro-internet candidates, they will be able to stop things like Article 13. The numbers were already very close, A13 was defeated at an earlier stage but came back in a later vote.

My country gets FAR more corporate lobbying from the EU than in the local senate. You're oversimplifying things. We are too small for corporations to care about - meanwhile, from the EU side, we had to accept Roundup licence renewal, give more of a monopoly to Google thanks to today's vote, and there's a looming radio directive over us. Almost everyone in my country voted against. Still passes here. Don't see a reason to remain in this system anymore.

@switchingsocial @yunohost @freedomboxfndn @freedombone Man, I remember doing self-hosting back in that day from an old PIII with 256MB RAM (just upgraded!). Now I use cloud shit. What happened to me? I caved to The Man, man. I gotta get back to raging against the machine.

@bob @switchingsocial @freedomboxfndn @yunohost @freedombone But the haaaaassle of rebuilding and migrating my site from Digital Ocean, blegh. It was nerve-wracking and a nightmare just getting it there

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