After yesterday's sadness about Article 13, maybe it's time for a bit of self-care with a game or two ❤️

@itchio Cool game store selling DRM-free indie games

@Minetest MineTest: Free open alternative to Minecraft

@gamingonlinux Gaming On Linux: News site about Linux games

@rpginabox RPG in a Box: RPG editor

@godotengine Godot Engine: Free open game engine

@dosnostalgic Anatoly Shashkin: Remembering old DOS games

@GIbiz games news from a business perspective

@switchingsocial @itchio @Minetest @gamingonlinux @rpginabox @godotengine @dosnostalgic @GIbiz

I remember looking at godot a while ago, never did get around to trying it out... probably should, see how it compares to unity

@switchingsocial Adding to this, provides a bunch of older games such as Monkey Island for at least playing in the browser. 😉
@itchio @Minetest @gamingonlinux @rpginabox @godotengine @dosnostalgic @GIbiz


Did you know Ron Gilbert (creator of Monkey Island) has an account on here?


🐒 🏝️ ☠️

@switchingsocial Wow, cool. 🙂 Actually, Monkey Island still is one of these games I end up playing, once in a while. Awesome, music to story to humor. 😉


@switchingsocial @Minetest
TIL Minetest is a thing. Probably gonna try it out when I get home.

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