Do you know someone with an older or lower-end laptop that struggles to run properly?

is a good way of bringing old/slow computers back to life, and is very easy to use with a familiar Windows-style start menu and icon desktop ūüĎć

Lubuntu is based on Ubuntu and runs the same Linux apps, but it has a lighter interface with much lower system requirements.

You can find out more here:

You can also follow Lubuntu on here:


I took my old hp laptop and replaced the drive with an ssd and maxed out the memory then loaded lubuntu. Now it's my preferred laptop, starts and runs fast.

Ahaha, reminds me of the time i recicled an old compact, with 384 MB of ram, with one 128mb board and a second with 256 mb. The desktop still had a win98 sticker. Did it with #lubuntu
@switchingsocial @lubuntu

@switchingsocial @lubuntu wasn't there something a few months ago about them dropping support for older (maybe it was pre-win2000 stuff) computers?

@koenaro @switchingsocial that's not exactly right. It's just that Lubuntu is not exclusively focused on support for older machines. It's a slippery slope and in some cases have precluded the possibility of qualities a much larger audience could enjoy.

@switchingsocial @lubuntu on one of my old netbooks I had a Lubuntu setup themed like Windows 95. It was great

@switchingsocial @lubuntu What would you recommend for an old G4 iBook, or an old first-gen Intel MacBook?

I've heard a lot about Mint...

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