Skype is owned by Microsoft and all its calls pass through MS servers. No one knows what MS does with the data it gathers.

Jami is a free open alternative with no servers at all, calls connect directly between users. It's very easy to use, and a good privacy-friendly replacement for Skype.

Their website is at:

You can follow Jami on the Fediverse at:


The app is available for all major platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

@switchingsocial @Jami Last I heard was that they had servers for user accounts but I guess they went federated?

@switchingsocial @Jami I mean in the case of user accounts.

I met with some of the guys who made Jami (when it was called Ring) and they were still using a central server for user lookups


Oh, I see what you mean.

I'm not a developer so I'm not sure, but I *think* it sounds like the directory is distributed too?

"By adopting distributed hash table technology (as used, for instance, within the BitTorrent network), Jami creates its own network over which it can distribute directory functions, authentication and encryption across all systems connected to it."

...but the best people to comment on this are @Jami themselves.

@switchingsocial @Jami

Hmm so from how I understand it, it's closer to scuttlebutt than ActivityPub 🤔 Jami team, would that be accurate?

@brandon @Jami

That's how I understand it, but I haven't ever met them and I'm not a dev. They would be best placed to comment.

@inditoot @switchingsocial @brandon @Jami

Correction: The protocol is called Tox.

Antox is only the Android client. There are also Desktop clients (most notably qTox and uTox)

@AmarOk @switchingsocial @Jami AH this was just the information I was looking for 👌 Thank you!

@brandon @switchingsocial np. And if there is any info missing, feel free to ask here or open an issue, I'll be able tocomplete the doc.

Well. We do know some things that go on back there. Including NSA's PRISM.


Avoiding Microsoft is a good rule of thumb with regard to privacy.

@switchingsocial Yep. I've been doing it for a while. Except when it comes to VSCode...

Skype was a peer-to-peer system before Microsoft bought it. The simple fact that they turned a working P2P system into a competely centralised solution tells you everything.

@switchingsocial @Jami

Reviews are not good 🤔 I will test it and let you know

@inditoot @Jami

I've used it a lot myself, it works fine for me at least.

@inditoot @Jami

I call relatives a lot by video, they had no problem switching to Jami.

@switchingsocial @inditoot where is their account? My #amaroq can't find anything called @jami on the known fediverse
@switchingsocial @inditoot found them by searching on ... I really dislike federation issues

For me the quality was really bad, and the client feels half baked
@switchingsocial @Jami

@yisraeldov @switchingsocial @Jami

Try Nextcloud Talk its video calls are really good but its hosted not peer to peer

I am testing it on my nextcloud

Really? I found riot to be much more stable than Jami, also there are multiple clients if you don't like the default
@switchingsocial @Jami

@switchingsocial @Jami awesome thanks, someone just told me about jitsi, and i really hate skype. Ill check it out

did you figuerd out how to change its proxy?
like I don't want that my ip adress is visable, but I also don't want everything on my phone go through the same vpn or what soever. Within a rooted phone that can be changed. But I have not found out a method that works with unrooted android except if the specific app that shall use a proxy has this function (note: ppl should not run googles version of android, but still many do)

@paulfree14 @Jami

Best people to comment on this are the developers, I've emailed them to let them know about this thread.

Hopefully they might be able to reply directly.

@paulfree14 @switchingsocial @Jami It's in the account's settings (advanced, DHT Proxy address, the default is[80-100])

@paulfree14 @Jami @switchingsocial

I use Squid for proxy:

I don't know if there is option in Jami to connect from proxy.

I have had good experience with riot. Also jitsi is good if you just want to do a video or voice chat without having to create an account

@switchingsocial @Jami no server at all? Who owns the address book? Is it a dht?

How communications works between smartphones (no incoming port open) ?

No blame here, only questions.

@switchingsocial @Jami Where can I speak to the devs?

I find it most regrettable that they are not working hand in hand with the folks that make #tox

Or if they have their reasons I would very much like to hear them.

I see features I would love in tox, but yet I see issues that tox already fixed.

I fell we're reinventing the wheel here.

I had heard of ring before but thought they were going the decentralized way, not the distributed one.

@Naughtylus @switchingsocial @Jami Why not put the question the other way around? Why not blame Tox for not working w/ Jami? Tox has had lots of drama, uses its own protocol, and has had development all but die. I have still yet to make a successful audio call on it that doesn't sound like shit. What would Jami gain?

@hrthu @switchingsocial @Jami

I believe Ring/Jami only set out to be p2p in 2015. By then the development of tox had already started, although the project was still in its infancy.

Also correct me if I'm wrong, but Jami uses it's own protocol for p2p as well. AFAIK SIP isn't p2p.

In fact I would blame both teams for the split effort if they tell me they weren't aware of each other and/or they didn't take the time to look into one-another.

PS: tox audio calls worked fine last time I checked.

@Naughtylus @switchingsocial @Jami Last time I checked, which admittedly was around the new year, uTox audio was terrible and qTox was quite robotic, though I suppose usable in an emergency. Video showed an image for a moment, becoming a much of green blocks, from which it never recovered. I tried to hold out hope for #tox for a long time, but as time went on, I found it increasinlgy hard to be positive.

@hrthu @switchingsocial @Jami

"I found it increasinlgy hard to be positive"

I suppose I'm still in the present tense of that sentence.

@Naughtylus @switchingsocial @Jami Somewhere I posted about the relation of #jami to #sip. When as Ring it first came out, they made a big deal about using existing tech, not reinventing the wheel (w/ encryption, dht, etc.). Asked if they'd add #xmpp support (I think Reddit), they said architecturally it was very different. With SIP, one can call directly to an IP. Jami uses DHT to pass the IP to SIP, which then makes the call--as I understand it.

On Or IRC mainly #jami on freenode. And we follow what #tox is doing. But a lot of parts are coming from known standads (SIP, ICE, TLS negotiation, certificate management, etc). (Jami is also a SIP client btw), And yes for Jami accounts, the DHT is used to share the IP (SDP messages for ICE in fact)

@hrthu @switchingsocial @Jami

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