If you want to have a Medium-style text-based blog that people can follow on the Fediverse, you might want to try these:


Write Freely

You can either join an existing instance, or set up your own.

They federate with ActivityPub-based networks such as Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica etc. so you can follow their blogs the same way you would follow a person.

do either of these support rss feeds? I didn't see anything on the homepages.

@switchingsocial @nebunez Yep! Feeds are accessible by adding /feed/ to any blog URL, or giving the plain blog URL to an RSS reader (it should automatically detect it).


How come Plume is such a popular name? I already have 2 Plume apps on my phone 😁

It is the aftermath of a literary or fiery destruction.

@switchingsocial Have set up own instance of @write_as #writefreely - excellent lightweight software, runs super smooth and indeed guarantees distraction-free writing 👍 @gytis 😁 @writeas_dev very helpful, make sure to follow them 🤓

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