If you're looking for people to follow on here, try :

It's an opt-in directory of users who are looking for followers, organised by topic. (People are only listed if they actively ask to be listed.)

Just go to the list you want (e.g. ) and click on people to see their profiles. To follow them, click on "follow".

To be added or removed, message one of the admin accounts listed on Trunk's front page.

When i joined I subscribed to quite a few lists. Unfortunately the maths list is dead, only post 19days ago that too non-maths one.
I added a dedicated \#maths tag based tab in the app which gets decent activity.

@switchingsocial When i put the slash the app didn't highlight the tag. Now I see it's tagged! Sorry those who came here for the tag.

@switchingsocial Tried to follow a bunch of the suggested accounts, ended in what is seen in the screenshot. Is it something you need to look into or rather maintainer of ? Or even me?


I don't run Trunk and I'm not a site admin, but it might be something the maintainer of can help with?

It looks like your admin is @sphinxc0re

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