In case you missed it, the lead developer of open federated Reddit-alternative @prismo has put up a new flagship instance:

This replaces the previous instance ( which suffered a major database failure.

You'll have to sign up if you want to post or upvote, but you can follow users and comment on posts from elsewhere on the Fediverse.


From what I've seen before, you can upvote from other Fediverse services by favoriting the posts. I'm pretty sure I did this from mastodon before.


@khimaros @prismo

Prismo is federated through ActivityPub and is part of the Fediverse.

You can interact with Prismo instances from elsewhere in the Fediverse, such as from Mastodon etc.

@switchingsocial @prismo thanks! I had it in my head that notabug was also ActivityPub but, upon further inspection, it is not!

An interesting feature of notabug is that it prevents spam via a Proof-of-Work algorithm. Submitting new stories and voting are both limited on the client side by CPU bound computation.

I wonder if the Fediverse has anything to learn from this model.

@khimaros @prismo


I'm not a developer, but I think discussions of using "proof of work" included concerns about its environmental impact?

@switchingsocial @prismo yes, that is a very valid concern with PoW. It's possible the trade-off is an appropriate one however. If you want your voice to be echoed throughout the Fediverse. Maybe it's appropriate to put some skin in the game :)

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