Hello WordPress users,

Do you know sources of good privacy-friendly themes for WordPress? (i.e. without any trackers)

(It's possible to remove trackers manually, but this is a request for themes that respect privacy by default.)

@switchingsocial sorry I'm unable to help here, but your question is quite intriguing... Outside Jetpack or GA, what other trackers could be added to a theme by the developer?


Well, for example, when I started the site kept loading Google Fonts even though I don't use them.

It turned out the theme had built-in code supposedly for emojis (which I also don't use) that loaded Google Fonts.

I'm not sure what kind of privacy threat this posed, but I had to remove that code to make the site entirely Google-free.

It would be nice to have themes that are free of third party stuff by default.

@cybeardjm @switchingsocial

I've purchased a new theme (for Ghost, not WordPress) a few days ago. Here's what I had to do:

1. Self-host fonts from Google Fonts.
2. Remove Disqus comments (commented out, but I still didn't want it).
3. Self-host font-awesome and some random JS libraries loaded from CDNs (I'd be okay with leaving it at one CDN, but it connected to 3-4 CDNs).

~15 requests are now handled by the same server, instead of requesting stuff from 3rd parties.

@r3bl @switchingsocial Yep, understood... Makes me think of many sites (e.g. travel) where the googlemaps API is loaded. With Woocommerce-ready themes, there are so many calls made...

@cybeardjm The worst things is I really couldn't tell that it had trackers until after I've purchased and downloaded the theme.

I'm not saying I wouldn't purchase this same theme if I knew (I find it gorgeous, and removing trackers is a minor hassle), but if I were looking for a new one, I'd like a privacy-respecting store that @switchingsocial is looking for.

@r3bl @switchingsocial the problem is you can't auto-update the theme, or will have to do these changes it each time...

@switchingsocial WordPress is targeting average people. Those average people usually use Google, analytics, trackers, etc.

I doubt you will find any privacy oriented themes. I work with PHP, and because of how WordPress is, I avoid them for this reason and their horrible track of security.

You might want to take a look at Paragonie's AirShipCMS. Granted it is privacy and security oriented which means ... not popular ...

@switchingsocial Unfortunately rendering my help useless, unless you are willing to learn a new CMS, how it works, and build a theme for it, since there is probably not many themes.

@switchingsocial Sorry, there really is just no way that WordPress and privacy mix.

@Aisyk @switchingsocial I shall specify. I am referring to the average webdev person who can make WordPress themes.

@switchingsocial I might be mistaken, but I don't think tracking functionality is built into a theme in wp. AFAIK it's a function that is enabled by an add-on. For either Google analytics or to store visitors info in the local dB.


Sorry, I should have been clearer in the original post.

As an example, I had to go to great lengths to remove Google Fonts from's theme. It would be nice to have themes that are free of these kinds of third party things by default.

Using Plugin like autoptimize take care of removing Google font with one click

although it became a standard of some kind to use google font

many blogger recommend using google libraries to make there blog faster

@switchingsocial do theme frameworks count? Ive never seen a regular WP theme without something that can track you but and do quite well.

I'm a casual WP user only, so I only know very few themes. I'm working around thus by using plugins like "local google fonts" (name most probably is different) and "local emojis". The later is required since #emojis are linked to images are a #WordPress site

@switchingsocial Themes are generally just one footer link. Maybe a link to google fonts / external libraries.
Plugins do the same though, and even a core WordPress install talks to

So it depends what level of privacy you are after. Do you mean _any_ contacting any other sites?

@switchingsocial i have some contribution in this theme SimplyPure :

based on CSS framwork of Yahoo ... i doˆn't tested him with WP5 but i relly hope it's work

and accessibility it's prety good ;-)

no tracker in theme !

@switchingsocial Do you count Google Fonts as trackers? (I do - I put all Google products in the same boat)


Yeah, I should have made this clearer in the original post. I meant any third party stuff that sets off tracker alarms, which includes Google Fonts.

@switchingsocial I was thinking I may try and put together a little plugin for WordPress to try and sniff out google fonts and other known trackers. If they are using WordPress hooks to add them.

@peterhebert @switchingsocial Looks good. I tried it. First article had a featured image, and no title showed up for it. Is that a bug?

@peterhebert @switchingsocial I'm catching a plane in a few hours. Will be out of pocket. Sorry.

@switchingsocial Nobody had any immediately usable suggestions?

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