Public Service Announcement:

"uBlock Origin" and "uBlock" are two different privacy plugins for web browsers.

✅ uBlock Origin is the one recommends

❌ uBlock is NOT recommended

For more information on why they have such similar names but are so different:

p.s. recommends installing both uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger ( alongside each other.

@switchingsocial I use uBlock Origin and Adblock Plus together, I do not know if that is simiar to your recommendation?


I don't personally recommend Adblock Plus due to their ad whitelisting, but the idea is similar.

@patricksudlow @switchingsocial gorhill (the creater of ublock origin) explains here why it is a bad idea:
In addition, it doesn't bring you any benefit as they both use the same filter lists. So I'd recommend you to uninstall adblock plus and maybe add any filter lists you are missing to ublock origin.

Yeah, sorry, you're right. I misread and thought @patricksudlow was using ABP and Privacy Badger together.

@lukas is correct, you should not use APB and uBlock Origin together because they will interfere with each other.

@switchingsocial @lukas
Cheers, I have removed APB, will see if there any improvements.:-)

@patricksudlow @switchingsocial not sure if abp has the same functionality as privacy badger, but pb works differently to most add blockers; instead of having a list and blocking hosts, it records what external domains are connected during a page load. if it sees the same one on 3 sites, it blocks it, as it assumes that its probably an ad server/tracker.

so privacy badger gets better over time, blocking some trackers that a conventional adblocker might not see.

Yep, good call, you have it exactly right. uBlock Origin is one of the few that hasn't fully capitulated to the adblock blocking sites.

@switchingsocial I never took the time to check it myself, but do you have (rather technical) information regarding how Privacy Badger completes uBlock Origin? What does Privacy Badger prevents that uBlock Origin wouldn't? Thanks!


They prevent different kinds of privacy threats, and work in different ways, so it's good to have both.

Roughly, uBlock Origin blocks ads (and other stuff), Privacy Badger blocks trackers.

uBlock Origin works by looking at lists of threats, Privacy Badger learns threats through experience.

@switchingsocial in my experience uBlock Origin blocks trackers too (e.g. it blocks tag managers). It blocks assets by checking blacklists of "malicious" assets.

I'm not much aware of how Privacy Badger actually works. Do you have any resources regarding how it classifies a threat as such?

How Privacy Badger works 

Agreed, that was crappy behaviour from the uBlock maintainer. Are there any technical reasons to prefer uBlock Origin?


Apparently uBlock hasn't been maintained as consistently as uBlock Origin (presumably because uBlock Origin is the original project led by the original developer).

Thanks! I'm not a user of either add-on, and wasn't aware of the history.

@switchingsocial @fitheach In addition development for ublock (not-origin) has stopped a long time until last year it has been aquired by the parent company of adblock who are since distributing software with a completly different codebase than ublock/ublock origin like uBlock-Mac under the branding of ublock:

@switchingsocial @fitheach See also this thread between the CEO of Adblock and the creator and maintainer of ublock origin:

In effect a "trademark" dispute.

Not saying that to belittle the disagreement, trademarks are important.


I used to have Adblock origin for all my browsers (mobile & desktop) and all browser profiles.

I've moved to host file blocking & AdAway.


@switchingsocial even better is uBlock Origin and uMatrix. I have a special setup to make it as efficient and easy as possible.

@Sylphox @switchingsocial i'm quite happy with uMatrix ( ) myself, but it requires some understanding of how the web works. care to share your setup?

@switchingsocial privacy badger isn't really useful if you already have Ublock Origin and block third party cookies. I'd recommend Privacy Possum + Ublock Origin.

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