Follow has a new, easier-to-read font for its main text:

Hopefully the clearer font will help the site reach a wider audience.

I've tried to adjust the sizes based on feedback. As far as I can tell this should work on all devices.

Please let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.


Thanks but I´m missing HUBZILLA very badly on your page



I've tried it but it's always seemed too confusing. I've never been sure what is going on, or what it is for.


This isn't meant as a criticism of Hubzilla, just that it maybe isn't aimed at non-technical people?


It´s true - you have to be willing to learn a bit more if you want to deal with HUBZILLA.

But there are very good reasons whey it is worth it at the end.
Your site should definitely mention this great project.

Why Hubzilla?
There ware a lot of reasons...
bud first have a read here:

@switchingsocial The font looks fine to me. But the content your provide is so good, I would recommend it on any font! :-)

@switchingsocial ... with any font. The Fediverse needs more ‘translators’ like this. Because it is quite obvious that most Fediverse developers are not so good at explaining why ‘ordinary’ people should use the new alternatives. So, dear FOSS whiz kids, provide any kind of help to these translators and learn to accept criticism on the lack of user friendliness of your nerdy constructs. That is if you want your brainchild to be liked by others than your techno peers.

I've tried it but it's always seemed too confusing. I've never been sure what is going on, or what it is for.

I guess that's quite common. Still I agree with @Nachbarschaft, I think it should be mentioned. It's a bit like if social networks had no limitations, and better controls on who you want to share what with (and who can share what with you), and could share other things than just status updates, and where you own your own identity even if you were to move to a different instance. Works fine as just a social network that can also talk to friendica, diaspora, mastodon etc, but can also be a lot more if you want it to.

@harald seams to understand very well for what Hubzilla is...

- you have much more contol over your social contacts

- a lot more functions like:

- if you have HZ you actually don´t need pixelfed

- a cloud is included

- wiki pages are included

best part is that you can move your accout form one server to an other server very easy

also selfhosting an instant or Hub is very easy even on a shared host. So you can have true control over your data and be your own admin


Have to admit, that I just followed your posts on the fediverse. But, now, I'll check out your webpage, too.

@switchingsocial i like the font.

i think it could do with offering some other android apps fer mastodon, not just fedilab, unless you are and im missing something?

only other thing is that the video doesnt work without javascript, and doesnt provide a link to go to the source url. but thats to be expected really and not your fault.

keep doing what youre doing !


Weird... the page lists Fedilab, Tusky and Subway Tooter for Android apps. Is only Fedilab visible to you?

Yeah, the peertube direct link doesn't work for some reason. The embed code is straight from the peertube instance and the video itself plays, so I don't know why the link doesn't work.

@switchingsocial my mistake - i jumped too far down the page and was looking at the friendica apps.

im not so bothered about the peertube link, but it does sound like more of an issue if it isnt just a non-javascript thing.

@switchingsocial Thanks so much for doing this change! Yay for accessibility!

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