Almost the weekend, so let's have a 🍣 🍵

🎧 @funkwhale Funkwhale: Open federated music storage and sharing

🎞️ @Chocobozzz Chocobozz: Lead developer of PeerTube, the open federated alternative to YouTube

💬 @prismo Prismo: Open federated alternative to Reddit

📱 @Fairphone Fairphone: Smartphone makers who try to use ethical raw materials

:blobwizard: @timecowboy Jake Lawrence: Fantasy-themed webcomics

Previous :

@switchingsocial It's pretty cool when you know most of these projects already.


Yeah, these are from previous FF posts from about a year ago, long term Fediverse people will know these.

So many people have joined since then that I thought it would be good to recommend them again.

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