I've updated the poster, to make it as simple and easy to read as possible:

The idea of the poster is to go on community noticeboards, so that more people in real life realise there are alternatives to what big tech offers them.

Feedback on design and content etc welcome.

@switchingsocial Focusing on #Facebook alone makes sense today, but is going to be outdated soon. Not that Facebook is going to stop spying on its users, but it will not be in the news anymore.

@tobi @switchingsocial Can you upload the sources? It makes sense to translate them to local language. The red ones are great for stickers.

Unfortunately not as I made it using proprietary software of my company and that is not much collaborative. But I could change the URL for you to use it or anything then during the next week. If requested. For free of course. Just tell me or we could meet in a matrix room for that.

@tobi @switchingsocial Actually I want to know the most what is the source of and if it is available in vector somewhere. Seems extremely reusable and image search shows it is used here and there, but I can't find the original image.

I'm not able to release the source due to proprietary software but I could change the URL there and send it to you.

I designed it with Adobe and 2 other software and there is no way to release the source. Still the PDF is CC and to be used. If you want yo change the text, I can do and send it to you.

@tobi @wire @switchingsocial Could you please provide instructions on how to translate and were to put the translations then? I could provide 3 more languages. I want to see this in more countries than those that are mainly English-speaking.

@tobi @wire @switchingsocial That one with "finding a new home" looks like an advertising for a website to find a place to live. But the others I like. You have to keep in mind that they will mainly attract people who use the internet a lot, most people will not know what it is about and ignore it, rather than become curious.


Yeah, it will need updating at some point. Hopefully Facebook will be the next MySpace :blobgrin:

However, FB is (I think) still the best-known privacy violator, so it's maybe the best way to get across the general topic of online privacy to non-technical people.

FB is still very much it's own successor. FB own Instagram.

@switchingsocial Love what you're doing! Keep spreading the word.

It's always good to highlight that there are not just alternatives but #ethical alternatives!


got a link to an editable version?

No promises, but might take a stab at putting it into US Letter form.


Ah, good point!

I'm not in the US so I forgot that's a common format there.

I've added a US Letter version, hope it is ok:

@switchingsocial @deejoe Could you please provide instructions on how to translate and were to put the translations then? I could provide 3 more languages.

@switchingsocial @deejoe Should be quite simple to set it as a multi-lingual wordpress and then also translate the posters. I'm sure we can get to at least 7 languages, which would have a far greater impact.

@switchingsocial @deejoe Just give me a translation tool with strings to translate and I will translate to German, Swedish, Norwegian, maybe Danish and if a friend is willing to help French and Dutch.


Yes sure ! Where can we do that ? I think I saw a Pad somewhere ...

@switchingsocial @deejoe @tobi

@hyde_stevenson @switchingsocial @deejoe @tobi Then I will do some maintenance on the pad server (install updated) and be back in ~15 minutes.

@DC7IA @hyde_stevenson @deejoe @tobi

Hey, as this translation is very inspiring, I've posted an update on all the Fediverse translation projects:

That was easy for posters ... But dunno if I will have time for more right now :(
@DC7IA @deejoe @tobi

@hyde_stevenson @switchingsocial @deejoe @tobi We're only translating posters, already has many translation.

@DC7IA @hyde_stevenson @switchingsocial @deejoe @kari I've put it in a fancier markdown pad. Maybe using this instead. I also styled it a bit for better readability.

@DC7IA @deejoe

Hey there! Thank you so much for the offer :blobsmile:

Do you mean translate the poster or translate the entire site?

For the posters, that sounds do-able 👍

For the site, that's a bit more difficult. I'm regularly altering the text, and other languages would get out of date with every alteration.

Even more difficult, the resources in English will not match the resources available in other languages, so the alternatives in other languages may have to be different.


@DC7IA @deejoe

Just to give an example, Framasoft has a good Searx instance in French, but there is no equivalent in English:

A French version of the site should give more prominence to Framabee.

However, the entire site's text is available under Creative Commons licence (CC By SA), which allows derivative works.

Anyone can create their own language alternatives site using my content as a basis. You don't need to ask permission, it's already licensed.


@switchingsocial @deejoe The posters and I would also translate the website. Just tell me when I need to translate something.

basically: echo $text | @DC7IA | publish :D

@switchingsocial @deejoe (I don't mind updates once in a while. Really. I love translating stuff.)

@DC7IA @deejoe

Cool... :)

The text on the poster is:

"Sick of
Facebook’s endless
privacy violations?"

"Looking for
social networks
that don’t spy on you?"

"Find alternatives at: ( logo)"

" is a website about privacy-friendly alternative social media, apps and sites."

@switchingsocial @deejoe Done. Only one of the sentences I want to check with help of a native speaker, but I am confident it will be okay.

@switchingsocial Is there anyway to add to this? I noticed only Peertube was covered, but there are others like LBRY. And messengers like riot, matter most etc..


Yeah, just let me know if you have a suggestion. Bear in mind though that is aimed at non-technical people (because there are already plenty of tech sites for alternatives).

LBRY looks like it is more for tech fans than ordinary people?

Riot is listed in alternatives to Slack.

Mattermost is maybe more for people into self-hosting?

@switchingsocial Ah now that I see what you aiming for it makes a little more sense.
LBRY could be a more techy thing, but hard for me to judge as I find it pretty simple.


A lot of alternatives sites have so much on there that non-technical people can feel a bit lost.

I'm trying to help with that particular scenario :blobsmile:

If people do want the more techy privacy stuff, there's a section with some links to alternative sites:

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