In case you missed it, you can follow people across the Fediverse even if you're using a different kind of site.

For example, here's a PixelFed account:

@earth's a PeerTube account...

@documentaries's a WriteFreely account...'s a Plume account...

@PlumeDev's a Friendica account...


...and you can follow all of them from Mastodon.

Just click on the @ link to see their profile, and then click on Follow.


You can follow all of them from Pleroma, too. And you didn't include a Pleroma account.

Here's a few:




Yup, Pleroma too. I was running out of space :blobjoy:

And others like Prismo (Reddit alternative):


Microblogpub (lightweight blogging):


...and more.

@switchingsocial @zack also any indieweb site that's implemented activitypub or using bridgyfed, e.g. (

(that site isn't done yet I'm still working on it 🤣 )

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