In case you missed it, has some general hints for switching to privacy-friendly alternatives:

@switchingsocial Your homepage is getting very repetitive. might you look into dropping alternative to x with alternative to at the top, and then list out the items with a little icon of the service to be replaced? Just an idea, but the list is hard to read as of now as its so long.


Yeah, I have had similar thoughts about the front page.

I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible, but the list is now much longer than when the site launched.

@switchingsocial A simple solution is just to remove the repeated "Alternative to" part and rather have a header above the list that says something among the lines of "Find an alternative to:"

You might also add some explanation at the top or links to explain what the page is about if someone is visiting for the first time, like a "About" page.


Well... a lot of people don't read the beginning of pages properly and dive right into the body.

If they do that and just see a list of websites, they will have no idea what is going on.

I'll give this some thought and try to come up with a least worst solution.

@switchingsocial @jex If people skip information, hey have actively selected not to read that information. It makes little sense to repeat information for the reason that people skip it. For those that want to understand the list, a simple non-repetitive header should suffice. Also people skip information when it is not presented in a concise and effective way. Repeating it just adds to this problem. Keep it simple and keep it informative without repetition. Let people take responsibility for how they deal with it themselves.
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