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πŸ‘ @news Friendica: The Fediverse alternative to Facebook

🎨 @krita Krita: Free open painting software

πŸ“š @inventaire Inventaire: Share physical books, organise private libraries and make new friends

🎞️ @Blender Blender: Free open computer animation software

🍿 @comicbuzz ComicBuzz: Reviews of comics, films and games

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@switchingsocial @news @krita @inventaire @Blender @comicbuzz A couple of those accounts have never tooted, while others haven't tooted in months. Why follow someone who never toots?


All of these accounts have tooted extensively.

Perhaps you're looking at them on an instance that hasn't federated their toots yet?

If you click on their profile icons to open their public profile pages, you will see their toots.


Also, if you follow them, your own instance will begin federating their toots (if it wasn't already).


Ok, good to hear πŸ‘

Post visibility is one of the most confusing aspects of federated social networks :blobcheeky:

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