There's now a French version of at:

It's still a work in progress so please do give feedback to its maintainer @albakham

Also, @marianom is working on an Italian version at: is licensed under Creative Commons By-SA 4.0 (, so if you want to create your own version of the site (or use it in derivative works) that's absolutely fine 👍

p.s. Just to make clear: the idea isn't to clone in other languages.

The idea is to have resources in other languages that help people. The resources listed may depend on what is available in your language (for example Framasoft has many French-only resources).

Also, if you disagree with my approach/style but would like to use material from, that's also fine.

The idea of the CC By-SA licence is to allow forking of content to create new works.

@switchingsocial That's really cool! Do you know by chance of someone translating this to German too?

@switchingsocial You are doing a great job. Thank you very very much for what you do 😀

@switchingsocial I like the regionalization. Keep up the good work!


We've started translating to russian with some regional adaptations (, yandex etc) - maybe it will be useful for you :

Thank you for your work!

@albakham @marianom

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