France's largest free software organisation @Framasoft has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for an open federated events tool, Mobilizon:

Mobilizon would replace Facebook Events and similar closed services.

It would use ActivityPub, so people would be able to organise events on the Fediverse.

You can also follow its Mastodon account here:


@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon I’m wondering if there’d be any chance for them to cooperate with @GetTogetherComm

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon

I wonder if anyone is thinking of collaboration with GetTogether?

@Matt_Noyes @switchingsocial @mobilizon We have talked with their team and have concluded our projects/goals are different. But thanks to ActivityPub, both software will be interoperable.

@bhaugen @Framasoft

Two separate projects with slightly different aim, but they are both aiming to use ActivityPub so they may be compatible in some way.

GetTogether is aiming to replace, Mobilizon is aiming to replace Facebook Events.

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon hi guys, perhaps you should improve the landing page by including what is mobilizon and how it’s better and why you are raising funds. This should be the first thing people see and get clarity on.

@ted @switchingsocial@mastodon.aThat's the point of @mobilizon and @GetTogetherComm both using ActivityPub federation protocol: it should facilitate such interoperability.

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon Someone who is a native English speaker should really go through and fix your copy. Its quite a mess.

@liaizon @switchingsocial @mobilizon We have a British contributor on it, it's a work in progress. If you want to help, you can contribute on this repository :
Thank you!

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon I'm still waiting for a federated alternative to Google Calendar (more specifically, sharing events with a limited circle of people and not necessarily the public)...

Then again, APub is not great for this kind of use case.

@switchingsocial That has been a close example from the beginning! :blobmiou: Now let's see if it supports the GetTogether verbs...

(I'm already on Disroot)

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon if you haven't heard of it, I'm already using this rather impressive #FOSS replacement - - for code see (it's built on Django) (usual disclaimer about being disappointed that they use a proprietary chat technology for their community... :( )

@switchingsocial @Framasoft @mobilizon actually, upon further investigation, I take back my slur against Gitter - it appears that the Gitlab community has made it fully open source. Apologies for besmirching it with my misinformed proprietary condemnation!

@lightweight @switchingsocial @mobilizon
We have talked with GetTogether and reached the conclusion that our goals and choices were different enought to justify two software developments.

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