As it's the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, a reminder that there's a free open alternative called Minetest:

You can follow it on the Fediverse at:


It has many game modes including online multiplayer servers.

@keiyakins @switchingsocial the default game sucks intentionally, as you are meant to mod it.

There are quite a few more complete games though:

@keiyakins @switchingsocial
I just wish ye could have more opinionated approach and "bless" at least one good set of mods as the "default game". Right now if I try to just boot into an experience like "survival mode with building" or "battle royale", I might look and find 10 options for each and nobody's just coming out and saying "these are the good, mature, popular options". It's very offputting.

@cathal @Minetest @keiyakins @switchingsocial yes, please deal with the reality of people trying the game, not what you want it to be.

Of course complete modability should remain an option.

@cathal @switchingsocial @Minetest I second this. I’m put off every time I go to try Minetest because there’s nothing that I want from the default gameplay, and I have zero clue which mods I should download. That’s a poor first impression.

@brainblasted @switchingsocial @cathal there are a list of popular mods on the website and on the homepage and here:

You can also try out servers and games for curated content

Note that minetest is a game engine and has no default gameplay, but does come with a default prepackaged game

@Minetest @switchingsocial This is a bad approach. People judge things on their first experiences.

@switchingsocial @Minetest
Also yes the name is awful and makes it look like the whole goal is "crap minecraft", which I know is not so.

@drequivalent @switchingsocial yes, it's bad. But none of the suggestions are any good, and changing the name would break SEO

Loads better then Minecraft with the right mods.
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